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Current Reviews

8084- "So Far"

A.C.T- "Today's Report"

Mark Allen Band-"Six Interlocking Pieces"

Axminster- same

Dakota- "Little Victories"

Denander/Gaitsch- "Counterparts"

Charlie Farren- "Deja Blue... the Color of Love"

Farrenheit- "III - Greasetown"

John Keane- "Straight Away"

Lana Lane- "Queen of the Ocean"

Lana Lane- "Live in Japan"

Network- "Crashin' Hollywood"

The Promise- "Human Fire"

Receiver Set- Same

Restless- "Alone in the Dark"

Rocket Scientists- "Earth Below Sky Above"

Janine Stange- "One Way"

Tandym- "City out of Time"

Thrills- "3"

Tradia- "III"

Ten- "Spellbound"

Under Fire- Same

Unruly Child- "Waiting for the Sun"

Billy Ward- "Two Hands Clapping"

Archive Reviews

The Affair- "Solid Ground"

Agent- Same

Alien- "Best & Rare"

Alliance- Same

Arcara- Same

Artica- "As it Should Be"

Autograph- "Missing Pieces"

Axe- "Five"

Bad Boy- "Best of"

Dave Baldwin- "Time"

Sherwood Ball 'n Chain- "Folis Paradyce"

Sherwood Ball n' Chain- "White Light"

Robert Berry- "Takin' It Back"

Be Sharp- "Play This!"

Blitz Dynette- "Stuck on Standby"

Blood Red Flower- "Last Link..."

Bonfire- "Rebel Soul"

Colie Brice- "New Age Blues"

Broken Voices- Same

The Burnpool- Same

Glen Burtnick- "Retrospectacle"

Glen Burtnik- "Palookaville"

Glen Burtnick- "Heroes & Zeros"

Bystander- "Stranger Things Have Happened"

Captive Heart- "Home of the Brave"

Bill Champlin- "Live - Mayday"

Stephen Christian- "Self Titled"

Cinema Face- "Face Card"

CITA- "Heat of Emotion"

C.I.T.A.- "Act 1 - Relapse of Reason"

Ashley Cleveland- "Bus Named Desire"

Tom Cochrane- "Ragged Ass Road"

Jude Cole- "I don't Know why I act this Way"

Ron Collins- "Simple Man"

Terry Crawford- "Circadian Rhythm" Crown of Thorns- "Lost Cathedral"

Crystal Maze- "Lost in Crystal Maze"

Rob Daiker- "Extract"

Dakota- "Last Standing Man"

Dakota- "Mr. Lucky"

Tommy Denander- "Less is More" & "Skeleton"

Division Street- "Harbour in the Static"

Dogs of Peace- "Speak" Drowning Not Waving- "Look at it this way"

Timothy Drury- Same

Les Dudek- "Deeper Shades of Blue"

Echo Park- "Pretty Lies"

Eclipse- Same

John Elefante- "Windows of Heaven"

John Entwistle- "The Rock"

Erika- "Lady Luck"

Faith Nation- Same

Marc Ferrari & Friends- "Guest List"

58K- "Circles"

Jaye Foucher- "Infectious Licks"

Bruce Gaitsch- "Aphasia"

Ghost- "The other Side"

The Ghost Poets- Same

Good Rats- "Tasty Seconds"

Lawrence Gowan- "The Good catches Up"

Steve Grimm Band- "Heaven's in your Heart"

The Guess Who- "Lonely One"

GTS- "Time Stood Still"

GTS- "Tracks from the Dustshelf"

Robert Hansson- "Too Much ain't Enough"

Harlan Cage- "Double Medication Tuesday"

Harlan Cage- Same

Heartland- "Bridge of Fools"

Higher Ground- "Keep on Walkin'"

HO+- "Welcome to the Boom Boom Room"

The Hooters- "Out of Body"

Hunter-Greer- "Tales from Stoney's Bar & Grill"

Hush- "If you Smile" Donnie Iris & the Crusiers- "Footsoldier in the Moonlight"

Jettison Eddy- "Trippin' on Time"

Kingdom of Desire- "Bound to Fall"

King of Hearts- "Midnight Crossing"

Jaime Kyle- "Back from Hollywood"

Sass Jordan- "Racine"

La Fase- Same

Lana Lane- "Garden of the Moon"

Lana Lane- "Curious Goods"

The Light- "On a New Horizon"

Lightspeed- "On Second Thought"

Lionel's Dad- "Driving Music"

Little Yankees- "All or Nothing"

Kerry Livgren- "When Things get Electric"

London Drive- "Awake"

Martin's Dam- "The Healing"

The Max- "Vinyl Valentine"

Dave Mendenhall- "The Lost Years" Midnight Sun- "Another World
Rick Morrison- "Carnival of Souls" New England- "1978"

Night Ranger- "Neverland"

Night Ranger- "Feeding off the Mojo"

Erik Norlander- "Threshold"

Norway- "Night Dreams

Oro- Same

Player- "Electric Shadow"

Prime- Same

Promotion- "Not for Sale"

Rake & the Surftones- "Surfers drive Woodies"

Rokbox- Same

Ray Roper- "I'm a Fighter"

Rory Kunkle- "For no Apparent Reason"

Jordan Rudess- "Listen"

Sacred Ground- Same

Shotgun Symphony- "On the Line of Fire"

Shyboy- Same

Amy Sky- "Cool Rain"

Spencer/Bullock- "Games of the Heart"

Mark Spiro- "Devotion"

Mark Spiro- "Now is Then, Then is Now"

Steinhardt-Moon- Same

Van Stephenson- "Righteous Anger" & "Suspicious Heart"

The Storm- "Eye of the Storm"

Storming Heaven- "Life in Paradise"

Stun Leer- "Once"

Sure Conviction- "Get Ready"

Larry Tagg- "Rover"

Larry Tagg- "With a Skeleton Crew"

Takara- "Blind in Paradise"

B.E. Taylor- "Try Love"

Ten- Same

Think Out Loud- "Shelf Life"

Michael Thompson- "World according to M.T." Mark Thompson-Smith- "A Far Cry from New Jersey"

Thread- Same

Toto- "Tambu"

Tour de Force- "World on Fire"

Tower City- "A Little Bit of Fire"

Tradia- "Welcome to Paradise"

Transit- "End of the Line"

Treason- Same

    Velocity- "Impact"

Jack Wagner- "Alone in a Crowd"

Brett Walker & the Railbirds- Same

Brett Walker- "Nevertheless"

Fee Waybill- "Don't be Scared of these Hands"

Wilfred N & the Grown Men- "Day Off"

Joseph Williams- "I am Alive"

Kip Winger- "This Conversation feels like a Dream"

Amy Wolter- "Hit me in the Heart"

Ya-Men-Ja- "Stand Alone"

Yellowstone- "Situation on Planet Earth" 

Xenon- "Simple"

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Demo Reviews

The Bridge- 3 song tape

Column A- 6 song tape

Cry Havoc- 6 song CD-R

Happenstance- 4 song tape

Higher Ground- 5 song CD-R

The Revolvers- 10 song tape

Secret Smile- 3 song tape

Blake Thompson- 15 song tape

Uforia- 3 song tape

Velocity- 3 song tape

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