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Please note that the news page has been totally rebuilt...

Jump to this page to hear "what's hot and what's not" among the latest new releases. Material from both major and independent labels is included from all over the world. It is intended that this page will have new material added to it very frequently, so keep checking back to it to see what the latest additions are. As material on this page gets older it will be transferred to the Archive Reviews page.

This is intended to be a mini reference library of older releases. It's not meant to be particularly comprehensive (at least not at this stage), but it does feature lots of lesser know releases that you might have missed or just not heard about yet. Again, it will be added to very frequently and the reviews that are currently there effectively just represent a "sampler" of what's to come. Both the reviews pages are now getting rather large and are therefore slow to load - to counteract this a new "Rewviews Index" page will be finished shortly with the actual reviews then spread across several pages.

A centralised listing of all the reviews which are now spread across several pages to keep loading times down...

Good record and CD shops aren't always that easy to find sometimes, so this page gives a brief listing of some of the best stores (including on-line ones) that can help locate the best in AOR without too much pain. Like the other pages it is being updated frequently.

No Links page can ever be complete, but it should still provide a useful reference launch pad to other musical sites which AOR fans on the World Wide Web should be checking out. Feel free to let me know about any sites you'd like to see on this page. New links are being added to this page every few days so keep checking through it to see if there's any you haven't come across before.

This now has the latest issue of the free SFK newsletter available on it, plus a mini-archive of the AOR Basement columns from recent issues - read through them for lots of interesting snipets!Allsorts of other stuff I've written over the years can also be accessed from the news page.

Reviews of interesting new demos from all around the world. Feel free to recommend material for coverage on this page too, or if your in a band and also want some coverage send me a note about it. Supporting new material has always been one of the aims of AOR Basement and with this page you'll get to read about some of the best up and coming young bands, and unsigned artists.

This is where to learn more about the concept behind the magazine.... If you're creating links to this site then please make them to this page using the URL http://www.aorbasement.com/index.htm. or use just http://www.aorbasement.com/ .

If you enjoy this site then I encourage you to get in touch with me. If there's anything you'd particularly like to see mentioned please also let me know. Please spread the word on this site as much as possible as it is only with your support that it will be able to develop further.

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