Other writings:

This certainly isn't a comprehensive listing of all the other things I've written over the years, rather it's just a couple of odds-and-sods that I thought someone, someplace might find interesting....

Freelance/Restless interview

Another interview come feature from the original AOR Basement which I've transcribed, thought it would be relavent seeing as their album's finally issued, ten years later!

Financial Times letter-

A letter I had published in the London Financial Times in June 1998. It was in response to an article saying that the mainstream music media only presented music from a very small segment of the overall music market...., prompted me to launch into a mini-diatribe!

Sojourn CD sleeve notes-

A brief-ish history of the band Sojourn which I wrote for the CD re-issue of their material on Point Music in Germany. Might be of interest to read it as it should have read, seeing as the record label conspired to put in a hundred spelling mistakes!

Mark Avsec/Donnie Iris interview

I have this old interview from the original printed AOR Basement sitting about on disc as I transcribed it for the Donnie Iris web site....