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Kurt's Krap:

I love Legos…I’ve seen some pretty cool websites with what people build with them. This site takes the cake!

News Bytes:

Guns N' Roses have signed on to make their first live appearance in seven years at next year's Rock in Rio for a Better World, a 10-day Brazilian music festival in Rio de Janeiro from Jan. 12-21, 2001, according to Brazilian newspaper O Globo. The band, which now consists Axl Rose, guitarists Paul Tobias and Robin Finck, bassist Tommy Stinson, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, and ex-Primus drummer Brain is scheduled to close the festival on its first weekend, Jan. 12-14. O Globo also reported that the band agreed to the performance because it has finished its five-years-in-the-making “Chinese Democracy” album and will launch it in January, 2001.

My favorite cartoon website, Camp Chaos, has animated the new Everclear video online for “AM Radio”. Download it now…it’s REALLY good.

Though I don’t really watch Dawson’s Creek, I must say that the show has some really good taste in music. Now there is an excellent website dedicated to just that topic. Check it out.

The upcoming White Sister release (on MTM?) will contain three tracks re-recorded from their Tattoo Rodeo days.

Supposedly, the new Damn Yankees album is being shelved because the band is unhappy with the results.

Look for U2 later today to perform “Beautiful Day” on MTV’s Total Request Live.

The upcoming Phil Ramone produced Elton John live album, recorded just this month at Madison Square Garden, features appearances from Bryan Adams and Billy Joel, among others. “One Night Only” (ironically recorded over two nights!) will be out on November 21. Elton also has plans for a new album with Bernie Taupin next year as well as another tour with Billy Joel next summer.

707, the group that at one time featured Two Fires singer Kevin Chalfant, will release a new album in November titled “Trip To Heaven”. It’s out on the BedRock label. More info at leader Kevin Russel’s site.

The Corrs are putting the finishing touches on some live tracks that will make up a bonus disc to be released with “In Blue” next month.

One time AOR God Michael Bolton has been writing material for a new album with sometime AOR God Richard Marx. It will be his first for his new label, Jive.

The Tubes will release a live album, “World Tour”, next week. Of the two new studio tracks, “Loveline” was co-written with Richard Marx.

Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan will release a solo album, “Lunar Eclipse”, on December 5 that will include an instrumental version of “In These Arms”. Look for a special edition of “Crush” from Japan that comes with a six song bonus live EP recorded in Osaka with Runaway, Mystery Train, Rockin’ In The Free World, Just Older, It's My Life and Someday I'll Be Saturday Night.

John Taglieri is running a “11,000 website hit contest”. The winner receives an autographed copy of his “Leap Of Faith” disc and a t-shirt.

News about Ultrasound 2001 can be found in the Feedback section.

Frontiers will now be distributing releases from heavy metal label Adrenaline. Look for the first releases from Timescape, SKW and “A Tribute To Queensryche”.

Ken Tamplin has started recording an album for release next September.

Vaughn is also shooting for next fall to release a new album. The band has been polishing their new songs on the road.

Some news from the Mindcage camp: “I am pleased to announce that pre-production for Mindcage "Myriad Lives" is already under way just 4 months after the release of our acclaimed debut Mindcage: Encapsulation. This disc promises to keep with the Mindcage tradition of accessible and dramatic storytelling. Each song will be an excursion into the psyche, often dark and bracing... often spiritually uplifting... always intense. If this is what you've come to expect from Mindcage, then we are quite sure you won't be disappointed! There will be tremendous diversity running the gamut from the ultra-heavy and complex to the brooding and orchestral. Thus far we have a 17 minute epic, a powerful instrumental, a duet based on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet tragedy, and several other gems all pertaining to interpersonal relationships and the human condition, hence the title "Myriad Lives". Our goal is to bring across these new songs with a "wall of sound" approach to production - raw, heavy, and atmospheric. Presently we are in negotiations to bring this to fruition the way it should be done, in a world class recording facility. Also, we are planning an alternative 5.1 hi rez mix for DVD-Audio release.”

And finally, here’s the nominations at this year’s My VH-1 Awards:MUST-HAVE ALBUM - Christina Aguilera, "Christina Aguilera", Creed, "Human Clay", Faith Hill, "Breathe", matchbox twenty, "Mad Season", Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication"

YOUR SONG KICKED A** BUT WAS PLAYED TOO DAMN MUCH - Creed, "Higher", Macy Gray, "I Try", Nine Days, "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)", Santana, "Smooth", Vertical Horizon, "Everything You Want"

SONG OF THE YEAR - Creed, "Higher", Faith Hill, "Breathe", matchbox twenty, "Bent", Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Otherside", Vertical Horizon, "Everything You Want"

MAN OF THE YEAR - Enrique Iglesias, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Sting 

WOMAN OF THE YEAR - Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna

GROUP OF THE YEAR - Bon Jovi, Creed, Destiny's Child, 'N Sync, Red Hot Chili Peppers 

MOST ENTERTAINING PUBLIC FEUD - Diana Ross Vs. The Real Supremes, Eminem Vs. Everyone, Metallica Vs. Napster, 'N Sync Vs. Lou Pearlman, Whitney Houston Vs. Honolulu Airport Security 

BEST LIVE ACT – Creed, Dave Matthews Band, Kid Rock, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers

BEST STAGE SPECTACLE - Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony, Ricky Martin, 'N Sync, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears

WELCOME TO THE BIG TIME! - 3 Doors Down, Christina Aguilera, Creed, Destiny's Child, Vertical Horizon 

BEST-KEPT SECRET - The Corrs, Dido, David Gray, Lucy Pearl, Aimee Mann

SEXXXIEST VIDEO - D'Angelo, "Untitled", Faith Hill, "Breathe", Enrique Iglesias, "Be With You", Jennifer Lopez, "Waiting For Tonight", Sisqo, "Thong Song" 

VIDEO OF THE YEAR - Bon Jovi, "It's My Life", Creed, "Higher", Foo Fighters, "Learn to Fly", Madonna, "Music", Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Otherside"

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE VIDEO - Foo Fighters, "Next Year", Madonna, "Music", Metallica, "I Disappear", Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication", Stone Temple Pilots, "Sour Girl"

COOLEST FAN WEB SITE - Backstreet Boys, Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, Eminem, Madonna

BOOTY SHAKE - Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Sisqo, Britney Spears

GODS OF THUNDER – Creed, Kid Rock, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC

LEGEND IN ACTION - Elton John, KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Tina Turner

GIVIN' IT BACK - Garth Brooks, Goo Goo Dolls, Limp Bizkit, Dave Matthews, No Doubt

"YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT ALBUM?" - Backstreet Boys (Burger King), Faith Hill (Pepsi), 'N Sync (McDonald's), Britney Spears (McDonald's), Sting (Jaguar)

DOUBLE THREAT (MUSICIAN-ACTORS) - Aaliyah, “Romeo Must Die”, Jon Bon Jovi, “U-571”, Janet (Jackson), “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps”, Jennifer Lopez, “The Cell”, Will Smith, “The Legend of Bagger Vance”

Rare MP3 Of The Week:

From the Footloose soundtrack comes one of my all time favorite Sammy Hagar tunes, “The Girl Gets Around”.

Noteworthy New Releases:

AL DIMEOLA - The Grande Passion
DUM DUMS - It Goes Without Saying
HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH - Scattered, Smothered, Covered
JOE JACKSON - Night and Day II
ERIC JOHNSON - Live and Beyond
SHAWN MULLINS - Beneath The Velvet Sun

Moldy Oldys:

[What’s kicking old school on the SFK Deck O’ Death this week:]
Network – Crashing Hollywood, Billy Branigan – Make A Move, Venice – Venice, John Wesley – Under The Red And White Sky, Billy Satellite - 1

Kurt’s Picks:

Enuff Z’nuff – 10, Spitfire, 2000
[Similarities: Def Leppard, The Raspberries, The Sweet]
All hail the kings of power pop metal, as they are back with is their best album since “Strength”. One song after another just slithers out of your speakers and smacks you in the forehead with some of THE most infectious pop ever. Those Beatles influences are still there, but not nearly as much as in the past, as this album seems to be a throwback to the glorious glam and pop of the 70s. With an overabundance of hooks and melodies, and not a thing going to waste, shows the bands’ dedication to their craft. Highlights here are plenty: the bouncy “There Goes My Heart”, the smooth and sarcastic “Your Heart’s No Good But I Love Your Face”, the sing-along good times of “Holiday”, the upfront “Bang On”. The list goes on and on. Donnie I don’t think has ever sounded better on vocals and really gives the band a renewed sense of urgency that has seemed lacking as of late. Short of the Marvelous 3, this may be the best album this year.

Robin George – Dangerous Music (reissue), Sanctuary, 2000 (1985)
[Similarities: Rick Springfield, Nik Kershaw, Michael Morales]
Oh happy day!!! Forgive my being over ecstatic, but it’s not everyday when you finally get a wish granted. In this case, it was seeing this getting it’s proper CD release. In what is one of my true Desert Island Essentials, I have had a bootleg copy of this and played it probably more than any disc in my collection. Now I have it in it’s remastered glory. Imagine the high tech sound of Rick Springfield’s “Tao” juiced up with a little bit of balls and you sort of get the idea here. What’s first and foremost (well, aside from the EXCELLENT melodies) is Robin’s upfront guitar heroics. While he’s no Eddie VH, every riff, lead and solo fits the music perfectly and not a note goes astray. As for the songs, you get arena rockers (the classic “Heartline”), power poppers (“French Kisses”) and ballads (“Don’t Turn Away”) all mixed up in a perfect package with four bonus tracks thrown in for good measure (the B-side “Space Kadet”, a live version of “Showdown” and remix and live versions of “Heartline”). Still sounds as amazing today as it did fifteen years ago.

David Gray – White Ladder, ATO/BMG, 2000
[Similarities: Michael McDermott, U2, Bruce Springsteen]
Apparently David is quiet popular back in the UK, and one listen to this CD and it’s not hard to see why. A sparse and introspective yet powerful CD in the best singer/songwriter tradition, this is not one to play at your next kegger. But in quieter times, this album can be breathtaking. Whether it’s the superb lyrics or the intricate melodies, from beginning to end you will not find many album as compelling as this. No doubt one’s enjoyment of this disc comes from mood and when you are looking for background music, or the kind you really want to study, this can be both.

Sammy Hagar – Ten 13, Cabo Wabo,2000
[Similarities: Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger]
Since Sammy has left the Van Halen fold, he has put out two mediocre albums compared to their disastrous one. I think it’s pretty obvious now that they both sorely miss each other. Or at least that’s what I thought before spinning this disc. It took me a few listens but I can honestly say that I like this effort much more than his previous two. My initial problems with the disc is that when he tries to be “Joe Rocker”, he fails pretty miserably and sounds like a lame Ted Nugent. But, when he sticks to the more melodic formula, the results are excellent. While cock rockers like “Shaka Doobie” or “Serious Juju” (practically a clone of Van Halen’s “Seventh Sign”) did little for me other than annoy me, songs like the massive “Deeper Kind Of Love”, the rollicking birthday celebration title track and sing along good feeling of “Tropic Of Capricorn” more than made up for it. It’s an uneven album for sure but overall still pretty good.

Journey – Arrival, Sony Japan, 2000
[Similarities: C’mon, it’s Journey!]
I won’t bother boring everyone with the background story on this disc, with it’s endless delays, bickering among fans, etc. It’s really unimportant now. What’s most important is, of course, the music, and here the band shines with an energy that was sorely missing on “Trial By Fire”. Out at vocals is Steve Perry and in is the very similar ex-Tyketto/Tall Stories singer Steve Augeri. And this may be the band’s biggest asset. His voice sounds incredible on the rockers and breathtaking on the many ballads (which is the only complaint I could level…maybe just one too many that slows the pacing of the album near the end). From the whomping opening “Higher Place” and the soaring arena rocker “I Got A Reason” to the grand “All The Way” and “Loved By You”, which are among the better of the many ballads, this is still a class act through and through. The band also stretches rather nicely on the six minute bluesy jam of “Livin’ To Do”. But I must save the best for last. “Signs Of Life” has become my all time favorite Journey song, a tune so immense that it may also be one of THE greatest AOR songs of all time. This is also one of the best sounding albums I can remember, with Kevin Shirley putting a gloss on this thing that is Mutt Lange-ish in scale. Forget everything you’ve heard about this album and just listen for yourself…you will not be disappointed.

Lionel Richie – Renaissance, Mercury, 2000
[Similarities: Richard Marx, Toto, Chicago]
I’ve always thought that Lionel was a GREAT songwriter and truly an AOR artist, always striking me more as Richard Marx-ish than anything. On this new album he thankfully shies away from trying to be contemporary (ie. going hip-hop, etc.) and focuses on what he does best. Unfortunately, this album is so ballad heavy that it’s really tough to get through it all in one listen. Not that there’s anything wrong with mostly ballads, but when they are all so similarly paced, it’s somewhat tiring. Kicking off with “Angel”, this song is upbeat and infectious but practically an exact clone of Cher’s “Believe”, which is somewhat disheartening. Much better is the rhythmic follow up “Cinderella”, the kind of song that Toto practically owns all to themselves. In the same vein is the excellent “Here Is My Heart”, which is up-tempo and bouncy and deserves to be a hit. The first ballad, “Tender Heart”, is just drop dead incredible. “How Long” is another great ballad that lyrically pretty affecting. After that though, it’s all downhill and leaves me greatly dissatisfied. The remainder of tracks are either generic R&B ballads or passionless “rockers” that gives one the feeling that Lionel was just going through the motions. Frankly…I was bored too. What an utter disappointment.

Kip Winger – Made By Hand, Domo, 1998
[Similarities: Marillion, John Wesley, Firehouse]
People have not been kind to Kip and his band. I’ll admit, I was never keen on the band as I found them ultracheesy, especially considering the talent level within. Kip’s first solo album was too mature for it’s own good. But this, a sort of acoustic greatest hits, really shows off Kip’s talent. Stripped away, a lot of the songs show a passion and power that I never found in the originals. Hits like “Miles Away” and “Headed For A Heartbreak” sound awesome and wind up romantic beyond their original intent. And lesser-known tracks like “Steam” and “Naked Eyes” remind me of the incredible John Wesley in their energy. You really feel these songs. Though not an album to hit the highway with, this is great relaxing and/or romantic music.

(Re)Views From The Hill:
[Note: these are reviews done by outside contributors and not myself – Kurt]

Enuff Znuff: 10, Spitfire Records
(similarities: Cheap Trick, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Sweet, Enuff Znuff)
Well this is the big number 10 for Enuff Znuff and they have finally found the formula that made number 1 so damn good. This is the best thing this band has ever done since their cracking debut. There is not one stinker on this disc, every song is pure pop rock genius, and not a even a hint of modern crap rock. The melodies are so sweet even my mother likes it, and the choruses are so damn catchy there ought to be a law against it! This thing should be bloody huge, but we all know it wont.

Even Billy Corgan shows up on this one to pay his respects to the band. The song "Everything Works if you Let It" was on their last platter but Corgan complained that his guitar was muffled, so you get to hear again in all its glory. "Your Hearts…" is a great pop song which kind typifies this opus, it’s got all the elements of a proper pop song in  abundance. "Wake Up" is another great pop rock tune that catches and holds on, with some great Led Zep type guitar and mellow bits intersperses with hard driving rock.  "Suicide" captures the vibe once seen in "Fly High Michelle" off their first album, about a similar subject as well. It’s very sing-songy and catches you attention on the first listen.

Lets not forget the opening track ‘There goes my Heart" (the video is included on the disc as well) is a great song which to me has an almost Grease feel to it. The video is kinda cute as well, hope to see it on VH1, soon. There are spots of Squeeze as well in it. Just another great pop song, one that like many of the tracks on here would be flipping huge if certain boy bands covered it. The only dubious song on here is their cover of "Jean Genie" by David Bowie. One wonders why they bothered with such a great collection of original music.

There is nothing I can really say but, GO BUY IT. Spitfire should have a hit on their hands.  There will be no better release of its kind this year, this has got to be a prime candidate for album of the year. You can never have enough Enuff Znuff! – Marty

David Coverdale: In the Light, EMI Records
(similarities: Whitesnake, The Snakes, Coverdale/Page)
Old Cov is back with a new band and a new album, but sans the Whitesnake moniker he has been using for over 20 years. It’s a bit disappointing to see the old band go, but who knows it might make a comeback. Cov however is still going strong and has produced one of the strongest albums since Whitesnake’s 1987/ST opus.  Funny thing is, the woman on the back cover and in the CD booklet looks a lot like David’s big mistake of the time: Tawny Kitean

On this album he returns to his earlier roots and has produced a very soulful collection of blues rock. Guitars are supplied by Earl Slick and Coverdale himself, and several others. Adrian Vandenberg is nowhere in sight but a whole load of other people are, including the ubiquitous Denny Carmassi.

Onto to the music. It ranges from very bluesy numbers to barnstormers like "She Give Me,"  a song that would not have been out of place on the sunder-rated Coverdale/Page album. The album starts out with "River Song", a companion song to "Here I Go Again" with the telling line: I was born by a river, raised by the sea. One of the highlights on this album is gut wrenching blues number ‘Love is Blind" about love gone wrong. As with old Cov at his best, the song just gets you in the throat, reminds every one of your lost loves. "Cry for Love" is another one about lost and wanted love. And speaking of mournful tales, for some reason "Too Many Tears" is included on this disc as well, having previously done time on "Restless Heart" and "Starkers in Tokyo" (both Whitesnake albums), however each version is good, so who cares?

"Don’t you Cry" is another love ballad, in the Whitesnake tradition of old, with its slow and faster bits plus a killer chorus and voice/organ combo. A classic slow-dance song if I ever heard one. "Living on Love" is pure Whitesnake at its bluesy best, ditto "Midnight Blue", although an older incarnation of the band is reflected here.  As would expect with the old romantic that is Cov, he ends this solo release with a touching love ballad "Wherever you May Go" , complete with an airy female vocal accompaniment  with beautiful acoustic & Spanish guitars. This one has MOR radio written all over it.

This is the best thing for a long time from Coverdale, and by far the most consistent release for an age. However many times I have listened to it, I just don’t get sick of it, a tour de force.  A great album from a great talent, well worth the purchase. - Marty

AOR Basement (Ian McIntosh):

The Outfield have returned to the UK after completing their summer tour in the US. The band are currently recording new tracks (written during the summer tour) in London to go with other songs recording last winter and spring to make up a new album. While the band had originally hoped to put out a new studio album before the end of 2000, but they now want to wait a little longer and hone the songs down a little. Various labels are looking at the project, but no deal is in place as yet and, as a result, there is no firm release date.

The Outfield remain one of the finest out-and-out AOR bands the UK has ever produced, and another - Strangeways - also now has a new album out called "Gravitational Pull". Don't have too many details on that one yet, though band leader Ian J. Stewart does say this will be the "final" Strangeways release....

New England-based Charlie Farren tells me he is currently working on two new solo albums. The first will be mainly just tracks of Charlie playing acoustic guitar and singing, though some tracks will also include drums and other instruments. It's slated to be called "World Gone Wild". The second is more of a (mostly) acapella format release which will be all cover versions from Charlie's youth! It's likely to be called "VOX".

Steve Morse has been supplying some guitar parts for the up-and-coming new solo album from classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco. The two have previously done a guitar duet for the Windham Hill Christmas CD. No word on a release date as yet, and it is thought there might also be guitar duets with Andy Timmons and Andy Summers on the same album.

Another band on the come back bandwagon, and I'm not sure why, is UK dungeon and dragons mob Demon! Some of your might remember them from their albums in the early 1980s on Carrere and "The Unexpected Guest" did get rave reviews at the time. The reformed band have already signed with Swedish label Record Heaven and will be releasing a new CD - called "Spaced out Monkey" - in March next year. I have no idea how many albums Demon have actually issued, but Record Heaven will be re-releasing them all in remastered form with bonus tracks as well. They're even planned vinyl picture discs!

Reader profiles:

Name: Marc Vanway ( 

Place Where You Live: Barcelona, Spain

Age: 24

Favorite Artist: Europe

Favorite Song: Europe - Blame it on me (never released song)

Favorite Ballad: Europe - Coast to coast

10 Albums I would take if stranded on a desert island would be:

Europe - Out of this world

Europe - Prisoners in paradise

Warrant - Cherry Pie

Bon Jovi - New Jersey

Tyketto - Strength in numbers

Dare - Blood from the stone

Red Fun - Red fun

Anouk - Nobody's wife

Mr. Big - Hey Man

Warrant - Dog eat Dog

Web Site:

 [If you’d like to be featured in SFK’s Reader Profile, drop me a line at ]


From: "Eric Curtner"

Subject: RATM
Actually Kurt, I read on both MTV and Rolling Stone on-line that Rage Against The Machine are not calling it quits, they will carry on without vocalist Zack De La Rocha making some of the most political, heavy, funky music ever. Also Zack is already busy on his solo album, again this is if anyone cares.

From: mnm

Subject: Jeffrey Gaines
Kurt -- Thanks for the Jeffrey Gaines MP3 link -- a perfect song for his voice! Awesome. He's been one of my faves since his first CD in the early '90s. He had a minor hit with "Hero in Me" that hooked me, and I've kept my eye out for him whenever I can since.


Subject: Jeffery Gaines
Jeffrey Gaines--solo performer. Tours with midsize name acts as an opener. almost always plays as an acoustic act. Signed to Ryko and has 3 amazing albums out. The guys voice is outstanding and he's got this amazing aura on stage...he doesn't need a band to excite a crowd. I've seen him open for Edwin McCain and also the Bacon Brothers and he nearly blew both bands away on his own! Definitely a must see if you can.

That' what i can give ya. Go to Ryko's website and get all the info you want... or go to for all of his info!

Later - John Taglieri

Leap Dog Music,


Subject: Bon Jovi review
By the way whoever that jerk was who did the review of the latest Bon Jovi album should be shot! It's brilliant. Best thing they've done this decade!!! Has he got ears??? Was he stoned when he listened to it? If that's the best you can get to review a potentially classic band & album then it's a sad world. With reviewers like that we could be shoting ourselves in the foot. get rid of him, eh? (By the way, I'm VERY fussy about what Bon Jovi stuff I'd buy. I'm not a Jovi freak who buys everything, bootlegs & all & goes everywhere to see them. Though I hate to admit it, they're still flying the AOR flag around the world!


Subject: UltraSound 2001 - Burbank, here we come!!!
Hi all - Here we go again ... UltraSound is gonna take over a new hotel!!  This time it's the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center (aka The Burbank Hilton) in Burbank, CA on March 10 - 11 with the pre-party on March 9th. Just a quick note this time to let everyone know about submissions and registration fees.

As with last year, please submit packages to:

717 S. Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ  85281  USA
ATTN: UltraSound 2001

Registration fees for attendees are broken down into a few different deadlines this year:

Before Dec. 15 - $50.00
Before Feb. 15 - $60.00
Mar. 1 - March 7  - $75 (only money orders or cashier's cheques accepted at this time)
Walk up rate - $125

There will only be one rate for registrations this year as opposed to the one and two day rates that we had last year.

The Burbank Hilton is DIRECTLY across from the Burbank Airport.  You think the airport and hotel were close last year??   Well, this time you can literally WALK to the hotel from the airport if you choose to do so.

As for flights, the economy airlines, Southwest and AmericaWest both provide service in and out of Burbank and we are setting up "Group Rate" specials with the airlines to save everyone money.  (ie, you call the reservation number and have the agent refer to "Code #ABC123 ..." and they give a 10 or 15% discount) We will also be offering another free flight for early registrants. 

Room rates for UltraSound 2001 begin at $99.00 at the Hilton.  To book your room(s), please call either 800.HILTONS or 818.843.6000 and refer to the EGO TRIP ENTERTAINMENT group rate or you will be charged full price.  I would suggest calling the 818 number as it is the direct line to our Hilton.

For further info, please call 480.827.8686 or eMail as will only exist for a few more days.

Welcome Back Everyone!

Dave Tedder - UltraSound 2001