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Kurt's Krap:

So, my Bon Jovi live review is below. Some thoughts on things unrelated to the show but to the night itself:

-The costs are out of hand! $55 for a ticket. $10 for parking. $5.50 for a beer (Miller Lite no less). $30 for a T-shirt. My God, I plunked down $200 easily that night.

-Someone needs to tell a lot of these people it’s not cool to dress like it’s 1987 anymore. Women, please, if you are overweight, DO NOT try to fit into that mini-skirt/tank top combo you wore on the “New Jersey” tour. People ARE looking at you, but not in a respectful way. And guys, fringe jackets? Poodle haircuts? Fedoras? It may have looked semi-cool way back in the day, now you just look like a fucking dork. And to the dude I saw wearing parachute pants…kill yourself now.

-People still wave lighters during ballads? That just struck me as so damned funny, I don’t know why.

-Props to Ticketmaster for the two strippers that sat in front of us last night. I can now listen to BJ in a whole new light, thinking of the grinding I saw to each song. My ribs are a little sore though from my wife elbowing me every time she caught me gawking.

-Jon promised they’d be back next summer to play Giants Stadium. I’m holding him to that.

News Bytes:

Over at the official Def Leppard website, they are now offering up MP3s. The band plans to release all their home videos on DVD in the near future, all of which will be enhanced with new videos and footage.

In related news, the live CD by the Cybernauts, simply called “Cybernauts Live”, will be released in Japan on December 10. The band, formed by Joe Elliott on vocals, Phil Collen on guitars, along with ex-Spiders From Mars members Mick "Woody" Woodmansey on drums, Trevor Bolder on bass and Dick Decent on keyboards, recorded the CD during their 1997 tour in the UK and Ireland. To promote the CD, the band will be playing concerts in Japan in Jaunary 2001. In March 2001, an updated release (including a bonus CD with studio recordings of old Bowie and Hendrix songs) will be made available as an Internet-only release through the official Cybernauts web site.

In December Bon Jovi will release a new video, “Crush: Live From Zurich”. Tracks include: Livin' On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars, Say It Isn't So, It's My Life, Bed Of Ross, Just Older, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Bad Medicine, Wanted Dead or Alive, I'll Be There For You, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night and Keep The Faith. The DVD version adds the songs One Wild Night, Two Story Town, Runaway, Lay Your Hands On Me, Next 100 Years and a 30 minute "backstage" program, photo gallery, discography and the videos for "It's My Life", "Say It Isn't So" and “Thank You For Loving Me”.

Phil Collins has been hinting that a Genesis reunion may not be far off. Oddly enough, they may not call it Genesis though as the trio (rounded out by Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks) feels it may be too restrictive in scope of sound. Phil also goes on to say that Peter Gabriel may also be involved.

Another reunion making the rounds is Hardline. The Gioeli brothers are planning to make another album, but without Neil Schon I gotta wonder why. For the record, there is a second unreleased album from them titled “Gravity”.

The Lost 45s is back on the web. The Internet radio show features Top 40 records from the 70s and 80s that have been forgotten by radio, featuring many AOR and pop artists ranging from Rick Springfield to the Bee Gees. It’s a blast to listen to.

Coming in January 2001 is the official Luke Morley website.

Kid Rock’s midget sidekick, Joe C., passed away last week from complications of a digestive disorder he had suffered his whole life. Joe was 26.

Westcoast AOR guru David Foster will head up a new reality series for the WB network that will see the creation of a new pop group, Popstars. The album will be released by Foster’s 143 Records label. Songwriting help will come from Richard Marx and Diane Warren, among others.

Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes will release a solo album in 2001 before he reunites with Daniel Jones for a third band album in 2002.

Bob Catley has finished recording lead vocals at Gary Hughes' home recording studio for his third solo album. The album has the working title "Middle Earth", featuring songs based around Tolkein's The Lord Of The Rings. Once again the album features Gary Hughes and Vinny Burns.

Meanwhile, an extra date has been added to the forthcoming Bob Catley / Kip Winger tour: Wednesday 13th December, Venue - Ritmo y Compas, C/ Conde de Vlches, 22. 28028 Madrid, Spain.

Emerald Rain is currently at work on their follow up to "Age Of Innocence".

Stan Bush has already started recording his new album, which is being co-written and produced by Curt Cuomo. As Stan explains "Curt and I are planning to do a hard rock album, with great songs, searing guitars, big drums, killer high background vocals and huge mixes. I'm using the first Stan Bush & Barrage album as a criteria." The working title is "Language Of The Heart".

The Bailey Brothers are currently ensconced in the studio recording their debut album for Now & Then/Frontiers. Better known for their DJ work for Metal Hammer and MTV, the album is said to be a shock to many. Best described as a cross between early Dare and Thin Lizzy (the album even contains a Phil Lynott co-write, one of the last pieces of music composed before his passing). The band have recently recruited former Graffiti lead vocalist Rick Chase.

Working on new albums: Norway, The Promise and Shotgun Symphony.

Jaded Heart will release a best of beginning of February 2001 and is going to start recording the follow up to “IV” at NEH Studios in Denver in April 2001.

SR-71 plans to re-record the song “Non-Toxic” for it’s single release.

Cher is offering up “golden tickets” in three copies of her new album, “Not.Com.mercial” ala Willy Wonka, in which the winner will receive a trip for two to London for one of her concerts.

November 26 in Bayside, Queens, New York, the 4th annual Rock 4-X-mas show will take place at the Voodoo Lounge. Performing will be John Taglieri, Paul Shortino, Sean McNabb, Stet Howland, Michael Sweet, Joe Delaney, Rick Derringer, Jack Nasty, Elixer, Skip Daniels, Sea Monster, Special Ed, Knuckle Duster, Billy Bacon, Len Rainey, Angel Hayes, Beyond Blue, Altered Time, and many others. With 4 shows on the tour (Plymouth, MA 11-25 / Queens, NY 11-26 / San Diego, CA 12-2 / Nashville, TN 12-9), the benefit hopes to raise money and collect gifts for needy children at Christmas time.

Von Groove will enter the studio in December to start work on their next album.

Now & Then/Frontiers will be releasing not only the new album from Kip Winger, Songs From The Ocean Floor”, but will also reissue Kip’s two other solo treks, “Thisconversationseemslikeadream” and “Down Incognito”. Word has it that talk at the Gods 2000 festival placed Winger getting back together in full band mode next year.

Melodica’s Acoustica” can now be mail ordered from Destiny Records, Loud One or The Groove Machine.

The long awaited video for Dream Theater’s Roseland Ballroom performance will be out in February on video and DVD.

The Heavy Harmonies Song Of The Week: Victory is a band that really should have been bigger over here in the states. They're one of my favorites. They put out their first album in 1985 (the unGodly rare S/T disc) and have a multitude of quality releases under their belt. My 2 favorite CDs from them are "Culture Killed the Native" and "Temples of Gold". This week's MP3 is taken from the latter disc, released in 1990, the title track from that album.

Finally, from the Gods 2000: Now & Then/Frontiers would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists, production staff and most of all, the fans, for making THE GODS 2000 the most successful AOR/Melodic Rock event ever to take place in the UK.

Despite terrible weather conditions in the UK and an almost non-existent rail service over the weekend, the venue was an official "sellout" this year.

By early evening all GODS 2000 t-shirts had been sold out (don’t worry though, we’re getting a reprint done so they will soon be available via the website) and all copies of THE SIGN "Signs Of Life" and MELODICA`s "Long Way From Home" were sold prior to each acts respective performances!

In fact, more merchandise was sold in one day than had been sold over the entire weekend last year and that had been by far the most successful show until that point!!!

Once again, thank you to all the people that traveled from South America, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Spain, Scandinavia and the UK for making the event so great and especially to the silent majority who come along every year, have a great time and take the positive from the event, which helps create a bigger scene each year.

Photos from The Gods 2000 are now online and can be found from The Gods
2000 page at the Now & Then website.

Rare MP3 Of The Week:

OK…so let’s keep the nepotism theme going from last week. This week, another good friend of SFK…John Taglieri offers us an exclusive demo from his upcoming second album, the rocking “Can’t Stop The Rain”.

Noteworthy New Releases:

GEDDY LEE - My Favorite Headache
RICKY MARTIN – Sound Loaded
THE OFFSPRING - Conspiracy of One

Moldy Oldys:

[Five discs kicking old school on the SFK Deck O’ Death this week:]
Fee Waybill – Read My Lips, Kharma - Wonderland, Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger, Donny Osmond – Donny Osmond, Richard Page – Shelter Me


Bon Jovi – November 16, Continental Arena, New Jersey
How could a show that was so good leave me disappointed? Easily…for as good as the band was, it seems that for every positive there were two negatives. The boys hit the stage, after a rather comical intro, at 8:30 sharp and the show was over by 10:40. Barely two hours! After the hype I had been hearing on the radio about how special this homecoming was to be, it felt like just another show (rumor has it that there was some backstage tension between two members of the band). And Jon continued the hype during the set bragging about all the celebrities in the house (“the Jets, the Giants, rock stars, movie stars, Sopranos, E-Streeters and the Governor”) but there was no all-star jam session. The setlist (below) is practically unchanged from the other shows so far on this tour, and if anything a song or two shorter (as they didn’t play “Ride Cowboy Ride” or “I Got The Girl”). I also found it odd that they played nothing from the first two albums or “These Days”. Enough whining I suppose…the show itself was pretty good and the band was in “machine” mode all night, with all the requisite moves and cheese ball speeches from Reverend Jon in place (I meant that in a good way). Highlights? “Captain Crash…” sounded way better live than on album and sounds like a single. The half acoustic “Blood On Blood” was inspiring and proves once again why it’s my favorite Bon Jovi song. “Lay Your Hands On Me” tore the roof off and if you weren’t on your feet by now, this got you up and moving. And encores “The Next 100 Years” and “Just Older” were incredible. Maybe not the best I’ve seen them (that’s still reserved for Jones Beach on the “These Days” tour), and maybe I’m a bit disappointed for expecting more, but still…they are the best live band out there today. Do not miss this show when it hits your town.

Setlist: One Wild Night / You Give Love A Bad Name / Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars / Blood On Blood / Livin' On A Prayer / Keep the Faith / Born To Be My Baby / It's My Life / Thank You For Loving Me / Blaze of Glory / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night / Lay Your Hands On Me / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Rockin' All Over the World) / Bad Medicine (Shout) Encore 1: Next 100 Years / I'll Be There For You Encore 2: Just Older / Wanted Dead or Alive

Kurt’s Picks:

Freddy Curci – Then And Now, Frontiers, 2000
[Similarities: Journey, John Waite, Foreigner]
From one of THE best voices in melodic rock comes this near perfect collection that spans his career, from Sheriff to Alias to his solo platter, as well as one or two goodies as well. Sheriff is represented by a live version of “When I’m With You”, which shows that even live Freddy has got some incredible pipes. From Alias you get the hits “More Than Words Can Say” and the awesome mid-tempo “Waiting For Love” as well as goodies like their cover of Glen Burtnick’s “Perfect World” and the unreleased arena rocker “Bare Necessity”. The rest rounds out his solo outing, “Dreamer’s Road”, with his cover of “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Just To Be Close” standing out. Not all is heaven though as there are a few songs in Italian that just don’t do it for me and drags the second half of the disc down a notch. Overall, a very tasty selection from one of the elite vocalists of the genre.

Corey Hart – Jade, Columbia, 1998
[Similarities: Hall & Oates, Mr. Mister, John Waite]
Simply superb set of hi-tech AOR from the one-time 80s pop rocker, this has become one of the more essential purchases I’ve made in sometime (thanks to Andrew over at MelodicRock for the recommendation). This is a mature effort that both treads the familiar and breaks new ground as well. Taking his hi-tech AOR approach of the 80s and tacking on contemporary rhythmic plays, Corey takes songs like “Break The Chain”, “So Visible (Easy To Miss)” and “Believing” to a whole other level. Corey’s vocals are outstanding, and may even sound better than in the past. Addictive, infectious and immaculately produced, this has easily become one of my most listened to CDs and should be an immediate purchase for fans of this style.

John Jorgenson – Emotional Savant, A2, 2000
[Similarities: Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Toto]
From the first notes of “Easter Island Heads” I SWORE I was listening to Eric Johnson. John’s tones are so close to Eric’s. Not that that’s a bad thing by any means. That’s I think mainly due to John’s playing being so incredibly fluid that one note simply flows into another effortlessly. Although the music breaks new ground, the axework is just so good it needs to be heard, and if you are a guitar fan, this will be your heaven. As for the songs, a few stand out above a decidedly average pack. The instrumental “Commuter Iceman” is stunning in it’s melody. “To Tomorrow” reminds me of Toto and is possibly the best song here. Overall, this is some fantastic fret work surrounded by some halfway decent tunes. Probably only worth it for students and fans of the guitar.

Megadeth – Capitol Punishment, Capitol, 2000
[Similarities: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax]
So, it’s taken me this collection to realize that I really don’t like this band. Let’s face it, Dave Mustaine is a HORRIBLE vocalist and ruins practically every song. Musically, most of the songs are pretty ripping but Dave’s whiny growl ruins the moment every time. In fact, maybe the only time it doesn’t is on the psuedo-raps of “Sweating Bullets” and “Peace Sells”. The rhythm of “Symphony Of Destruction” is pretty kicking as well and sounds great at high volumes. But, after all these years of thinking I liked Megadeth, turns out I really didn’t. I guess this is a good compilation as no songs feel like they are missing. Metalheads unite.

Michael Learns To Rock – Blue Night, 2000
[Similarities: Savage Garden, The Corrs, Mr. Mister]
It seems as of late that not a week goes by where I don’t hear yet another album that floors me (and my mind starts going ‘album of the year!’). Welcome to this weeks edition. Veteran Dutch pop act MLTR has been doing this kind of hi-tech AOR sound long before it was in vogue (thanks to the teen pop craze). “Blue Night” is just dripping with big melodies and acoustic flourishes and I dare anyone not to get addicted after one sitting. Though opening track, the very dancey “Angel Eyes” may throw some off, stick with the rest of the album and you’ll find some heaven in these grooves. Tunes like “Whatever It May Take”, the massive “One Way Street” and the arena rocking “Digging Your Love” (this is what AOR can be all about!) are perfect digital pop for people ashamed to admit they actually like things like the Backstreet Boys. This is pop for AOR fans, or AOR for pop fans…no matter which way you slice it, the end result is something of beauty. Like The Corrs, this may be the album to finally break the boys in the States…expect big things.

Thin Lizzy – One Night Only, CMC, 2000
[Similarities: Whitesnake, Blue Murder, UFO]
I have mixed feelings about this disc. To me, there is no Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott, so this should really have been billed as a tribute to rather than the actual band. But for what it’s worth, this is a BLISTERING live set of Lizzy favorites and leader John Sykes handles both guitar and vocal duties admirably. In a live atmosphere these songs come across very powerfully and, dare I say, at times you almost don’t notice that Phil isn’t there? Eesh…never thought I would admit something like that but there is no denying that this is simply a great live platter. Sykes and company (which includes Scott Gorham, Darren Wharton, Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge) treat classics like “Waiting For An Alibi”, “Cowboy Song” and personal fave “Rosalie” with great respect. I was skeptical but I now believe.

Tradia – Three, demo, 2000
[Similarities: Journey, Foreigner, Survivor]
Looking beyond the fact that these are demos (being some less than perfect production), the songs here are for the most part outstanding. Of the nine songs here, only one song is just so completely out of place you gotta wonder what the band was thinking (that being the funky Sly & The Family rip “Story”). But the rest is middle of the road AOR, with both rockers and ballads and very little surprises. Kicking off with the awesome mid-tempo “Didn’t Lie” and moving into the heavy rocker “Portrait In Blue” (with some whipping lead riffs), first thing that’s obvious is that a better production could turn these tracks into classics. Same could be said for songs like the upbeat and hyper-melodic “Jefferson High” and “Standing In The Shadows” (which just reeks of old Journey). But bottom line is that the songwriting and performances overcome this fault. And although “Lovin’ Arms” is a good song in itself, it gets dragged down by the female part of the duet (with the vocals sounding a bit wedding band-ish). I look forward to a finalized polished product, but this set of demos should help make at least one of the melodic labels take notice.

The V.U. – Phoenix Rising, Frontiers/Now & Then, 2000
[Similarities: The Storm, Journey, Two Fires]
The long lost V.U. tapes finally see the light of day on CD (it was recorded back in 1987)! In pretty much the band that would become the Storm, I guess its no surprise that this sounds just like it should. This is your basic middle of the road AOR done quite perfect, with massive choruses and melodies. Originality you really won’t find here, but what you will find in abundance is quality. Though at times this rocks out a little more than either Two Fires or The Storm, songs like “Who You Gonna Believe”, “Keys To The City” and “Dreaming Your Life Away” should put permanent grins on the face of any AOR fan. It’s simply amazing that after nearly 15 years, these songs still sound so good. Kevin Chalfant is an amazing vocalist and this set goes a long ways to prove that. Not essential, but close enough for my tastes…

(Re)Views From The Hill:
[Note: these are reviews done by outside contributors and not myself – Kurt]

Trans Siberian Orchestra: Beethoven's Last Night
Virgin Steele: The House of Atreus, Act 1
[similarities: Therion, Dream Theatre, Symphony X]
The two long-play CDs are both concept albums, but each with entirely different but equally interesting story-lines. TSO's latest opus tells the fictitious tale of Beethoven and his struggle to complete his 10th and final symphony. The Virgin Steele opus surrounds a tale of ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Oddly enough both albums contain exactly 22
tracks.  For those who care to read, there are handy story guides for the curious.

The TSO offering is by far the more mellow of the two. However that is not to say it is easy listening fare. It is an ensemble piece which tells the tale of the temptation of Beethoven to trade his last symphony to save his soul for eternal torment in hell.  TWO is most famous for its Christmas album, but this, its third outing is an excellent piece of

Nine vocalists, among them Savatage alums Jon Oliva (a man who in another age would have sung opera) and Zak Stevens who play Mephistopheles and a Muse respectively. It will be interesting to see if Zak continues with TSO now that he has left Savatage. BLN is in fact an opera sung in English and featuring the music of Beethoven. It is a very satisfying listen that never bogs down or gets long-winded. Furthermore, it moves along well enough so that it is not a piece that one listens to once and then does not listens to again. The music therein works both as something to listened to intently and as a more casual listen.  BLN works great with a bottle of wine, a fire and a cold night.

The Virgin Steele opera on the other hand contains music that is harder edged and would not be  out of place on a metal album. It does have its mellower parts however, and is as easy to listen to as the TSO offering.  The musicianship is absolutely stellar. No  wonder that the Vienna Symphony Orchestra has commissioned David Defies to write an opera. To give the full title: The House of Atreus, Act 1.Kingdom of the Fearless (a Barbaric-Romantic Opera). Once you have finished this, you might be happy to know that Noise Records has already agreed to Act 2. There are many who loathe this sort of symphonic metal, but I must admit I adore it when it is done well as it is on House of Atreus.

Far from being pretentious pap, both of these albums are great achievements in their own right and I would recommend them to all hard rock fans. They are essential for anyone who, like this reviewer, combines a love of hard rock and heavy metal, with a love of Opera and classical. With Dream Theatre's Song from a Memory Part II and Dio's Magica, these two are further examples of concept albums that shine. - Marty

AOR Basement (Ian McIntosh):

No big surprise on the future of EMI front: EMI and BMG got together in New York last week to try and hammer out a deal for BMG to buy them. Still the same tag-lines as the aborted EMI-Warner deal are being trotted out. They're saying things like "we're going to create the world's leading music group" - heard it all before, it didn't mean anything before and it doesn't mean anything now.... If I was an investor with a goldfish-like memory capacity I might roll over and think "great deal", but everyone knows it is just window dressing to try and print some money while they can.

BMG is proposing to give EMI shareholders a cash pay off from anything between £1 to £2 a share. That'd mean it would have to pay something like £1.6 billion to get EMI which it would then "inject with" the BMG label operations. The two are already preparing to dispose of some label assets which would help the potential deal get through European
and US antitrust approvals.

On more useful things: thought I'd fill you on some useful new Japanese releases. Mark Boals "Ring of Fire" comes out this week and will have a bonus track on it. Also out in Japan this week are a re-issue of Shawn Lane's "Tri-Tone Fascination" with a bonus track and Steve Vai's new one "The Seventh Song" which also gets the obligatory bonus track treatment. On the way in December is a first-time-on-CD issue of the Keane Brothers album from 1978 plus a "Welcome to Heaven" from John Wetton, which has a bonus track. Tour de Force's "Unreleased" comes out in Japan December 21 but does not get a bonus track. Gentle Giant's first and "Octopus" albums get released December 20 with limited LP style paper sleeves and the benefit of digital remastering.

Visitors to the AOR Basement web site will have noticed that there hasn't been any new reviews added for a considerable length of time - those that know we well will know why, but hopefully that'll be corrected soon. However, the main links page has had an update and now has a whole raft of new sites listed on it.



I know you are into this kind of stuff, so I thought I would tell you about the new DVD-A releases, maybe you want to be one of the first to announce it, hehehe... anyway my job for the last two years has been to work with the majors (UMG, Warner, Sony, BMG) in preparing the world's first DVD-Audio discs for worldwide release. (my company, Sonic Solutions makes the audio prep/authoring/delivery tools) SO.. we pretty much got lots of titles "in the can" some time ago but the copy protection for DVD was hacked, so it further delayed the release of DVD-A while they scrambled to get a new scheme in place.

Anyway, in case you don't already know.. DVD-A discs will only play on the new generation of DVD Universal (DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, VCD, and CD capable) players. Tomorrow is the "street date" for the first REAL DVD-Audio releases (not to be confused with the DVD music discs which have ac3 surround, released on DVD-Video format). Among the releases are ELP "Brain Salad Surgery", Natalie Merchant "Tigerlily", Stone Temple Pilots "Core", several classical discs, and many more pop titles. The discs will feature full 96k 5.1 hi rez surround in 24 bit, with still video and menu navigation (liner notes, lyrics, credits, photogalleries, etc.) There will also be an occasional video clip (bandwidth on the disc is mostly reserved for the hi rez audio content, so the spec is limiting in such a way that you cannot model the disc after a typical DVD-Video type of title. DVD-A is a different animal altogether.)

Also, there will usually be ac3 5.1 versions of the songs for people who do not have the DVD-Universal players, but do own traditional DVD-Video players. (ac3 is lossy compression, and therefore not as pristine as the MLP Lossless compression used for DVD-A, which also allows for high sampling rates.)

Anyway... I thought you'd be interested in this stuff, let me know if you have any questions!

Best, Dietrick

From: "rev69" rev69@QNET.COM:

Hey this is REV from the BLACK SYMPHONY, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have 6 new MP3 samples (from our soon to be released "TEARS OF BLOOD" album) on our web site, just go to our site  and click the MP3 link..........

Also we have change drummers, the new guy is PETE HOLMES he has played with BLACK-N-BLUE, TED NUGENT, IAN GILLAN and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN..... He is killer.

We will be giving some CD's and shirt's away starting in DECEMBER.... to get your name in the monthly drawing, just sign up in our fan club and you will have a shot winners will be listed each month........

well that's it for now........ thanks for your support......... make sure you sign the guestbook and let us know what you think about the new songs............ and dont forget to sign up for the fan club (the PREZ needs you)...............

From: Don Nafe

Subject: The other Chapter 23
Long time...hope all is well on your end.

Well I finally found the other 23, guess they went on line about a month ago and found out their singer quit the band.

With that news I emailed Louie (guitarist) re: the name and was told that they were VERY aware of us, and now with the line up changing they were thinking of changing their name. As yet no definite word but it looks like we may end up with the name and their .com address too.

The Canadian domain name regulatory body has finally taken the cork out of its ass and opened up the .ca domain names to just about anyone (Canadian) as a result we registered our name and we should be on line with our new look web site at sometime early in the new year.

From: Orsted, Mark

Subject: REO/Styx CD
I think the reason to avoid this thing is the damned price!  I know "double albums" command double prices in certain cases, but c'mon.. let's get this one down to the 17.00 range as CMC did with Lyve From Steeltown (Lynyrd Skynrd), Return To Paradise (Styx - i believe was nice priced), and Christopher Cross' Walking In Avalon came  with a free live disc also (and now they've issued a "Live" album by CC, and also a new album, with 3-4 trax from Walking.. what a fuckin joke) anyways.. that's all... skip the Styx REO cd.. but when the DVD comes out.. that might be worthy.