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Kurt's Krap:

I just recently made a few mix CD’s of Enuff Z’nuff and Venice. Can someone explain to me why either of these two bands aren’t ruling the world?

You know, I really like that new Britney Spears song…sort of. I hate that girl’s voice but she is sweet to look at and the music is stomping but that squeaky voice just drives me nuts.

News Bytes:

Richard Marx has a new album due this summer titled “Days Of Avalon”.

The very last album from Brit rock greats Thunder will be titled “They Think It's All Over...It Is Now!”. It’s a live recording of their final show. The setlist (though not necessarily tracklist): Acoustic Set: Stand Up, Low Life In High Places, This Forgotten Town, Lola, Pinball Wizard, Once In A Lifetime, My Brother Jake, I'm One, Stuck In The Middle With You, New York, New York, Close To You, A Better Man. Main Set: Welcome To The Party, River Of Pain, Higher Ground, In A Broken Dream, Pilot Of My Dreams, Backstreet Symphony, Until My Dying Day, Fly On The Wall, Gimme Some Lovin', Love Walked In, River Of Pain, Just Another Suicide / I Wish, Bell Boy, Gimme Shelter, Play That Funky Music, Dirty Love. There will also be another live album released in Japan with a different tracklisting, yet to be confirmed.

Well, Napster went and cleaned house on those names that were delivered by Metallica. You know, a thought occurred to me…why the hell are “fans” in such an uproar? The band have stated publicly that they have no problem with people trading live or rare material. It’s the commercial aspect that bothers them (taken from one of their blurbs “only the songs and recordings originally included on commercially released Metallica albums”). If you already own the disc, then you sure as hell can make MP3s of them yourself right? And if you don’t own the disc, well, I guess you shouldn’t be downloading them should you? I dunno, like I said last week (and below in Feedback), I think the band is perfectly in the right and loads of people are getting upset for nothing.

A funny aside, Metallica’s integrity is now for auction on eBay (this page may be gone already but whoever did this is a genius).

And just in case that’s not enough Napster for ya, here’s what people were getting who lost their accounts:

* Disconnected from server! (Wed May 10 13:57:30 2000)

* Unable to reconnect to server! (Wed May 10 13:57:30 2000)

* Unable to login: ???? banned: Banned by Metallica: See

Notice of Alleged Infringement and Counter Notification

Notification Of Allegation Of Infringement

The band Metallica has requested that your access to Napster be terminated for alleged copyright infringement. Please read this entire notice carefully.

On Thursday, May 4 the band Metallica delivered to Napster a computerized list of 317,377 usernames alleged to be infringing Metallica's copyrights. Metallica explained that these usernames had made available for others to download materials that Metallica claims infringed its copyrights. Metallica has requested that, in accordance with Napster's copyright policy, these users be banned from the Napster service.

If your Napster software redirected you to this page it is because Napster has received an allegation from Metallica (and its related businesses Creeping Death Music and E/M Ventures) that your user name or handle made available through the Napster system allegedly infringing materials. Metallica stated to Napster that it considers infringing materials to be:

"only the songs and recordings originally included on commercially released Metallica albums, and [to] not include so-called bootleg Metallica recordings. Metallica makes no claim of copyright infringement with respect to recordings of their songs made by fans at Metallica live concerts." Metallica has provided Napster with your user name asserting that you were a person who was making available the types of allegedly infringing materials described above.

Due to the nature of the documents delivered by Metallica and the methods used in collecting Metallica's information, Napster cannot itself determine whether or not the files that you were sharing fell within the category described above that Metallica claims are infringing. However, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512(c)(3)(vi), Napster will disable access when, as here, it has received a notice from a copyright holder claiming under penalty of perjury that you have made available material infringing his rights.

Policy for Counter Notification

In compliance with the DMCA, 17 U.S.C. Section 512(g), Napster will reinstate any user who disputes Metallica's allegation of infringement via a sworn "counter notification," and who after that counter notification is provided to Metallica, is not sued by Metallica within ten (10) business days.

In order to submit a counter-notification, you must certify, under penalty of perjury that you have a good faith belief that you were disabled as a result of Metallica's mistake or misidentification of files you shared as infringing. Your account will remain blocked unless and until you submit a sworn statement of all the information contained in the "counter notification" form found below. That form must include your full real name, address, Napster username, and your consent to being sued by Metallica in the federal court where you reside.

If you supply a "counter notification" form, we will send a copy of that "counter notification" to Metallica. We will restore access to your account within 10 to 14 business days thereafter, unless during that time our Designated Copyright Agent receives notice from Metallica that it has filed a legal action against you seeking a court order to restrain you from engaging in illegal activity.

If you believe you have not in any way infringed the copyrights of "Metallica songs or recordings originally included on commercially released Metallica albums," and that you were designated by Metallica by mistake or misidentification, you may choose to submit the following sworn counter-notification.

Counter Notification Form


1.  I hereby state under penalty of perjury that I have a good faith belief that access to my account has been blocked as a result of mistake or misidentification by Metallica of allegedly infringing material made available by me through the Napster service, and that I have not made available through the Napster service any songs and recordings originally included on commercially released Metallica albums.

I agree to the above and certify that my above statement is true:


3. I hereby state that I consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the judicial district in which my address is located or, if my address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which Napster may be found, and I will accept service of process from the complaining party who notified Napster of the alleged infringement or an agent of such person.


I agree the above is accurate under penalty of perjury. Additionally, I agree that by submitting this form I am signing a binding legal document.

Copyright 1999-2000 Napster, Inc. All rights reserved.

Anyways add Deep Purple to the bands that are rallying against Napster. Says Roger Glover, “tape trading among fans is one thing, but copyright infringement by using Web sites like MP3 and Napster is an entirely different matter.”

Frontiers/Now & Then has signed LA act Talon for a summer release.

The Cult has recorded the song "Painted On My Heart" for the upcoming Nicholas Cage flick Gone In 60 Seconds.

The awesome Venice have released a new album in Holland titled “2 Meter Sessies” (taken from the TV series of the same name). This live in the studio affair has the following tracks: The Road To Where You Are, Always, Never Coming Back, For A Dancer (with Jackson Browne), For A Kiss, We're Still Here, If I Were You, One Quiet Day, Landslide, Cool Me Down, Guinnevere (with David Crosby), When I Get Over You, The Family Tree, End of the World, Rivers Never Run, The Man You Think I Am and Woodstock (hidden track).

Got a sad note from Scott Sosebee of Thoughtscape Sounds telling me that they are closing their doors: “I would first like to thank you for your support over the years. It has been a pleasure providing your readers and our customers with great Westcoast and AOR music from around the world. It is with much regret that I must inform you that Thoughtscape Sounds will be closing its doors. Please delete all links to the Thoughtscape Sounds website. Personally I look forward to keeping up with the latest music news and updates on your websites. Thank You again.”

The setlist from Vaughn’s recent show at L’Amours in Brooklyn, NY: Set list: Bad Water, Meet Me in the Night Wings, Shadowland, Catch My Fall, Is that All There Is?, Burnin’ Down Inside, Standing Alone, Gandy Dancer, Healing Hands, Stone Monkey, Seasons, Soldiers & Sailors on Riverside, Nothin’ but Love, The Voice, Heaven Tonight and Forever Young (thanks Brandy).

You just can’t keep Ted Nugent quiet as he recently criticized Kiss (for whom he’s opening for) for not allowing the madman to jam with them. Says Ted, "you're darn right we don't (jam), because they don't know how to play. That doesn't take away from the heart and soul they dedicate to their craft. Their craft doesn't emphasize musicality. They're too busy with the cartoon thing and that's not a criticism. I love what they do."

The first single from the debut album from Neve will be “It’s Over Now”. It’s due June 13.

Some wise-ass has been posting tour dates for Van Halen all over the Internet. Before you get your balls in a tizz, jerky actually posted Pearl Jam tour dates. I’ve been hearing from some very reliable sources that the whole DLR thing is a no go despite what others have been spreading.

Sting is planning a free concert later this summer in New York’s Central Park. The rumors are already flying that there may be some sort of reunion of The Police.

Hard rock radio show The Tour Bus is slowly starting to syndicate to markets outside of NJ.

House Of Shakira has just released a compilation disc titled "Best Of Two" (reviewed below) on MTM, which includes three unreleased tracks. Their third studio album "III" will be released in mid June. Information and soundclips from both albums are now available at their website.

The relationship between Spitfire Records and Enuff Z’nuff is currently up in the air as the release for their “Best” has been removed from the release schedule.

Conflicts are also holding up Spitfire’s release of a compilation from TNT.

Snakes In Paradise is talking with MTM about a possible partnership. Also on MTM, new albums are due from Axe, Joe Lynn Turner, A.C.T. and Tower City.

In honor of it’s tenth anniversary, Nirvana’s Nevermind” will get the box set reissue treatment with extra discs filled with demos, live tracks, b-sides and the like. Look for it next year titled “Courtney and the other two need the cash”.

Tommy Lee + alcohol = jail time. Loser.

Blender” is the title of the upcoming Collective Soul album. Elton John, the self-proclaimed “God Of Shopping”, will guest on the track “Perfect Day”.

Look for a 2 CD “Greatest Hits” collection from The Beatles later this year. The surviving trio are in the process of track selection.

Jim Steinman is organizing a recording of “Bat Out Of Hell” with all country acts. He’s trying to lure such talent as Shania Twain and Faith Hill along with more traditional artists.

Another 80s tour to look for this summer, The Go Go’s will hit the road with the Psychedelic Furs.

Tour dates for ex-Beach Boy Brian Wilson, who plans to play the classic “Pet Sounds” in it’s entirety:

July 7, Easton, Pa., State Theater
July 9, Guilford, N.H., Meadowbrook
July 11, Uncasville, Conn., Mohegan Sun Casino
July 13, Toronto, Molson Amphitheater
July 14, Philadelphia, Mann Center
July 15, Baltimore, Pier 6 (no orchestra)
July 18, Boston, Harbor Lights
July 21, Detroit, Pine Knob Amphitheater
July 22, Chicago, Chicago Theater
July 23, Cleveland, Cain Park (no orchestra)
July 25, Houston, Ariel Theater
July 26, Dallas, Starplex Ampitheater
July 29, Birmingham, Ala., Oak Mountain
July 30, Atlanta, Chastain Park
Sept. 8, Wallingford, Conn., Oakdale Theatre
Sept. 9, Wantaugh, N.Y., Jones Beach Theatre
Sept. 10, Holmdale, N.J., PNC Center
Sept. 15, Salt Lake City, E-Center
Sept. 16, Denver, Fiddler's Green
Sept. 19-20, Saratoga, Calif., Villa Montalvo Winery (no orchestra)
Sept. 22, Santa Barbara, Calif., County Bowl
Sept. 24, Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl

Noteworthy New Releases:

HANSON - This Time Around


BILLY JOEL - The Millennium Concert

Moldy Oldys:

[What’s kicking old school on the SFK Deck O’ Death this week:]

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction, 
Fair Warning – Early Warnings, 
Enuff Z’nuff – Best Of (personal mix), 
Bee Gees – Greatest, 
Van Halen – Greatest Hits

Kurt’s Picks:

Tony Burrows – The Voice Of The Hits, Varese Sarabande, 2000

[Similarities: Kyle Vincent, The Beatles, Eric Carmen]

OK…I MUST preface this by saying this is not AOR or even melodic rock. But what this is is more of a history lesson of where some great pop started back in the 70s. Tony Burrows actually holds the record for most chart hits under different names, and a lot of these songs will be VERY familiar to a lot of us (for reasons both good and bad). There’s something so charming about such obvious bubblegum fare like “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” (Edison Lighthouse), “Beach Baby” (First Class) and a solo cover of Eric Carmen’s “Never Gonna Fall In Love Again”. And in these songs you can hear where people like Kyle Vincent found so much of their influence. There are some clinkers too, and I would have only been too happy if they left the novelty crap “The Disco Kid” or The Pipkins’ “Gimme Dat Ding” in the trash. But, much like CDs in my collection from The Partridge Family or Bo Donadson & The Heywoods, it’s not something that will get a lot of spins but when it hits the player, I’ll never fail to be entertained.

House Of Shakira – Best Of Two, MTM, 2000

[Similarities: Frontline, Journey, Fair Warning]

As someone who was never fortunate enough to hear this Swedish mob I never really knew what I was missing. Sounding a bit like Perry and company minus keyboards, this is heavy AOR that really gets the blood pumping and is like a Godsend to me. Why? Well, finally something in the genre that actually sounds fresh and original (the Sting meets Journey “Elephant Gun” is exactly the kind of thing AOR needs to remain relevant). Mixing massive and glorious harmonies, huge hooks and riffs and the incredible pipes of Andreas Eklund, those elements help elevate these songs above and beyond all the recycled cloning we’re all getting a little too used to. As the name implies, this a collection of songs from their first two albums, along with three previously unreleased bonus tracks. I’m glad MTM had allowed us to catch up with the band prior to their upcoming “III” release. It’s really hard not to groove along to such big arena cuts as “Method Of Madness” and “Love Was Good” (both from “Lint”) and “Best Of Times” and “The Chance” (both from “On The Verge”) and immediately your ears will notice that these guys have produced something truly special (17 songs and all very good or better). The three unreleased tunes (for those who may have their two discs) are keepers as well with “Susan” almost single-handedly making this set essential on it’s own. SFKers will be in heaven with this CD, and since it’s hit my mailbox it has pushed all other CDs from my listening areas. Obviously influenced by all that great AOR from the 70s and 80s but adding their own spin and touches, this right now tops all other releases and is one more reason why AOR fans will be going broke this year.

Queensryche – Q2K, Atlantic, 1999

[Similarities: Def Leppard, Rush, Judas Priest]

Much has been made of the direction the band has taken since their classic “Empire” release so there’s really no reason for me to travel that road again. Yes, this is a decidedly harder edged (maybe almost more raw) Queensryche. But you know, let me be the dissenting voice and say that I really liked this disc (MUCH more than their last two, that’s for sure). And I really don’t see what the whining was all about...modern sounding does not always mean things are alternative or bad (it’s not the band has gone and turned into the Prodigy or something). This is easily the bands best since the early 90s. Songs like “Sacred Ground” or “When The Rain Comes Down” have that classic Ryche feel without sounding like they’re simply revisiting their glory days. And tracks like the “Beside You” (with it’s evil harmonies) and the soaring “Liquid Sky” show the band still has many tricks up their sleeve. I think the problem with some of the more vocal opinions is that they’ve let some of the more low keyed tracks (like the dragging “One Life” or odd “Wot Kinda Man”) taint their feelings on the rest of the more punchy and focused material that fills out the rest of the set. Geoff Tate is one of the premier vocalists in all of metal and this time out is no different. To me though, what really drives this disc is Scott Rockenfield’s always incredible drumming and it REALLY stands out here. I know I’m in the minority here but I’m thankful that there are still bands that refuse to record the same album over and over.

Stone Temple Pilots – No. 4, Atlantic, 1999

[Similarities: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Creed]

I’ve joked many times that bands like Aerosmith or the Stones made better music when they were on drugs. I guess the adage holds up here. Raw and sounding like it was produced by someone with severe hearing loss, this is a mess of distorted guitars, leftover riffs and Weiland’s unintelligible mumblings (in fact, the whole thing feels unfinished). And the band has also taken steps back to recycling old grunge riffs rather than the preferred Beatle-isms of “Tiny Music”. Not all is bad as songs like “Sour Girl” and “I Got You” evoke the melodic feelings of some of their stand out radio hits. In 1995 this would have been huge…in 2000 STP already sounds dated and tired. With bands like Mars Electric or D-Generation taking real rock and roll forward, there’s no excuse for this mess.

Venice – Garage Demos Parts 1 / 2 (Slow Stuff/Fast Stuff), Lucky, 2000 reissue (1995)

[Similarities: Mr. Reality, The Eagles, Kyle Vincent]

Sometimes you really just have to wonder what it takes to make it in the music business. When bands like Venice are barely known yet crap like Limp Biscuit or Christina Aguleria rules the airwaves/charts, something just ain’t right. Venice is an amazing bunch. The four brothers Lennon and their band have consistently pumped out high quality, practically filler-less albums now since the early 90s, and short of a rabid cult following are still largely in the “who?” category. Disc 1, or the “Slow Stuff”, is twelve very real and passionate ballads that depending on your mood can be either a killer listen or a borefest. But no matter, even the most cynical would be moved by such classic harmony filled material as “Circle Of Life” or the more upbeat “Washington & Lincoln”. The swinging “Charm You” is a nice change of pace (it’s a lot like Extreme’s “When I First Kissed You”) and shows the band plays all it’s cards with equal measures. Disc 2 should appeal to anyone who loves flat out great melodic rock. From the driving opener “The Water” to the total AOR of “Time On My Hands” to the Rembrants-like pop “My Woman” this is all classic material that hearkens back more to more to their Night Ranger-ish debut rather than their more recent acoustic based sound. Though a fan like me needs both, if you’re really more of a rocker, part 2 will be more to your liking. You really can’t go wrong with either. [These can only be mail ordered. The info is available on the band’s excellent “unofficial” website.]

Waysted – Wilderness Of Mirrors, Zoom, 1999

[Similarities: Scorpions, Bon Jovi, UFO]

Now this is an odd release and I’m not quite sure it’s purpose. This is an album of demos from the recording sessions for the classic “Save Your Prayers” disc. Other than offering rawer less produced versions of seven of the tracks (unfortunately, this disc is missing what’s arguably the band’s best song…”Heaven Tonight”), you’ll also get the tunes “Terror City”, the previously unreleased cover of CCR’s “Fortunate Son” and the previously only B-side “Fire Under The Wheels”. The real versions are much better and benefit from a superior production. The three “bonus” tracks don’t make this worth a purchase unless you are a completist. Regardless, a great song is a great song and Danny Vaughn sounds great as always, and since the original is so hard to hunt down now, I give this a limited recommendation (but only if you can get it cheap or don’t already own “Save Your Prayers”).

(Re)Views >From The Hill:

Black Label Society: Stranger than Death, Spitfire Records

[similarities: Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynryd]

Zakk Wylde has finally stuck with the same name for his band for two albums. Thankfully he has returned to a sound more similar to his first post-Ozzy project Pride & Glory and dispensed with most Alice-in-Chainisms. As a result this album is significantly better than the debut album from Black Label Society, which I found highly disappointing and forgettable.

In fact StD is the Ozzy album that Ozzmosis (Ozzy’s most recent) should have been. There are quite a few instances on this record, where Zakk, who does all the singing, sounds exactly like his former and possibly future partner in crime. The album shares a lot of the same vibe with Ozzy’s awesome No More Tears album which Zakk co-wrote a great deal of. There is of course a strong Sabbath tone to this album as well, but it seems to shy away from the total copycat of many so-called "stoner" bands.

Highlights include the AC/DC-Ozzy hybrid "Phony Smiles, Fake Hellos" that is the first instance of Zakk sounding just like Ozzy vocally. This hard rocking track sounds like the ZW type composition we got used to when he was in the OOB. "13 Years of Grief" is another song that sounds as if it was a forgotten track of "No More Tears", total Ozzy, with Zakk’s now famous curly licks and with a ounce of harder Sabbath mixed in for good measure. "Rust" is a great mellow tune that stands out on this fairly heavy album. Zakk says he wrote the song for his wife and its about "getting old." A song in a similar vein to some of the stuff of Zakk’s awesome "Book of Shadows" album.

"Superterrorizer’ is a powerful straight-on metal track that retains some Sabbath sensibilities. "Counterfiet God" is another track that reminds the listener of No More Tears, with a Sabbathy feel and Zakk doing his best Ozzy wail. "Just Killing Time" is another mellower tune that has Zakk singing alongside a guitar and piano. This is another example of Zakk’s improving vocal talents.

Stronger than Death is a much better album that BLS’ debut., showing a more mature and consistent Wylde, but still kicking arse in top form. Not the most mellow of releases but a damn good hard rock album just the same. Not essential (like his Book of Shadows album), but not worth overlooking either. For those looking for the real thing, it looks as if Zakk and Ozzy are gonna be writing again sometime late this year. - Marty

AOR Basement (Ian McIntosh):

I'd like to clarify a point of interpretation on my last column. I was not advocating turning the clock back 15 years or so! What I was suggesting is that some of the current music releases must have the same "qualities" as soon of the releases of that period which are still held in high regard. What I mean by that is production quality, varied instrumentation, and just sheer long-term worth. For instance, how many current AOR albums are doing the rounds where the drum sounds, the guitar sounds, or whatever are exactly the same throughout the whole album? Way too many, it's sloppy and shows a real lack of imagination behind the music. Something has to come out that has the sheen and class of an older release so that it can be held up as the champion of the next generation of such releases.....

I was very sadden to hear this week that US-based specialist retailer (and occasional label) Thoughtscape Sounds was closing its doors. That's just the sort of store US based readers of thus publication needed. What's even worse is that I always felt Thoughtscape showed a lot more guts than most with their own releases, by picking mainly westcoast, softer AOR releases. Labels that release that sort of albums are usually in it because they love that form of music, not because they expect to make excessive levels of money. Maybe that was the problem, but it's also a symptom of where the current music industry is at.


From: Mike Drew

I really agreed with you about your comments on the mp3 situation. I really hope/wish people still buy the records they like, but being a fan/collector like yourself, i use the technology to find those rare ditties that i couldn't buy cuz they were discontinued, import-only (never can be found) things, etc.

[Now see, this is where I can agree on MP3s. Most, if not all, the MP3s I have are things that are either out of print or rarities. There is no reason to download Metallica MP3s from the albums if they are all so readily available.]

 From: stacy novrit

I feel Metallica is going after the wrong people. I think if Metallica got there head out of there ass, they would realize that maybe if the record company wasn't charging outrageous prices for CD's, kids wouldn't have to resort to downloading so many MP3's. I was even thinking about joining Napster, because I can't even scrape enough money to buy the new Pantera CD. Of course, I would love to own the album, but if I can't afford to purchase it right away, at least I can listen to the MP3 download for now. I also hate Metallica because they suck ass and have become greedy sellouts. I remember back in the day, when they were against commercialism, and wouldn't even put out a video to sell albums.

[I cannot agree here. Listening to or owning music is a privilege, not a right. If you cannot afford it, you don’t get it (much like a lot of things in life). Basically that’s resorting to stealing. I would love a Mercedes Benz but I can’t afford it. Should I go out and “borrow” one until I can save up? Metallica sure as hell has a right to make money off their music. It’s their lives, their business. Would you go to your job if you weren’t getting paid? Just because the band may have a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s more right to steal from them then a band with little money. Anyways, artists only make like $1 off each album sale. Every MP3 you download chips away at that measly buck.]

I'm sure you can remember the good ol' days, when they actually had talent and stood for something worthwhile. Now, it seems they have gotten lazy in there songwriting and will put out any kind of shit, because they know that kids will buy it just because of the Metallica name. Metallica has become selfish greedy assholes.  If people really like them, they will go out and buy the album. If not, maybe they need to realize, most people arn't sheep. When you start throwing the people shit, they want to see what's in the package first before they buy it after a while. Why spend $18.99 for a package of shit, when you can go buy gas, groceries, or pay a bill? No one suddenly expects to get something for nothing, and no one wants to pay good money for a piece of shit, overly commercialized, non-talented CD. If they are so worried about not selling albums, first of all, put something worth while to listen to on the CD, and second, the record company and the artists needs to take a look at the high prices of CD's.

[At regular Brick & Mortar stores there is no doubt that CD prices are astronomically high, but don’t blame the artist for that. Like I said, they only make about $1 a sale. But I honestly don’t remember the last time I paid more than $10 for a CD with online shopping and the use of coupons.]

I hope this will be Metallica’s downfall by making themselves out to be the Ultimate Jackasses in rock history. I could go on and on with this but you know I have to include one last thing...No one can tell me they never borrowed anyone elses record, tape, or CD, and recorded it for there own listening enjoyment, and didn't go out and buy the recording for whatever reason my be. I'm sure the first thing that came to everyone’s mind was "I wonder who I can contact to reimburse this artist"? So, just think about the next time you copy a few songs for a friend to listen to, or video tape something off of HBO, because that will be the next won't be able to get blank tapes, CDR's, CDRW's, or even VHS tapes, because they will become illegal under the Metallica Law!

[You’re taking it a bit to extremes here. We all have taped music, granted. But let’s also face it…MP3s have taken off like no other form of home music ever did and someone has to reign it in a little. When broadband access (like cable modems or DSL) become the norm, just wait and see how bad things get. MP3s allow you to make a perfect copy of music…unlike tapes which get generation degradation. I’m sorry, but I think Metallica and the like are perfectly correct in protecting their “art”.]

P.S. I also feel sorry for the up and coming artists (who by the way, make nothing near to the money Metallica makes) who enjoy Napsters services for getting them a wider range of audiences. They may not have this available to them in the future. Kurt, I love your Newsletter!

From: Stacy X

Subject: Metallica vs. Napster
We all have bought used CD's. Do you ever wonder if the record company and the artist should be getting a kick back on that sale? And are they suppose to? Do think it ever happens? The point to this thing will lead to another. If your going to rag on Napster about downloading free MP3 files, think of the "other" copy rite and royalty fees not paid by "us" who have recorded songs for friends on tape, or video taped movies on HBO, or selling/buying used CD's. I don't feel Napster is going to run the music industry bankrupt. I think the music industry is running themselves bankrupt by charging such outrageous prices for Cd's. Metallica will not become bankrupt by Napster. Metallica makes more than enough money just on merchandise alone to keep themselves happy for the rest of their lives.

[So because they have a lot of money they shouldn’t be allowed to make more? Whether they have $1 or $1 billion, taking something from them for nothing is still stealing.]

I don't feel the issue is about getting something for nothing. I think people are being more aware of what they spend their money on. If you like the songs downloaded by Napster, most likely you'll go out and get the CD. I know I would. I think Metallica's lawsuit is just about 4 greedy men trying to get the last drops of water out of a damp towel. If there is so much money being lost due to Napster, why is it that so many up and coming bands who don't have or make near the money Metallica makes would be more than happy to have their music downloaded without a royalty check intact.

[Not true…many artists are not particularly fond of their music being pirated or bootlegged. Ask them.]

I don't see how you can lose money you never had in the first place.

[So you think recording fees and whatnot are free too? Why don’t you go to your job for free? You never had the money in the first place so you’re not losing anything either right?]

I guess listening to radio is getting something for nothing also. Why stop at Napster? Metallica should charge everyone for listening to their songs on the radio while they are at it.

[There is a fee paid to artists when their songs are played on the radio (or in a supermarket or on phone hold). So even though we don’t pay, someone does.]

Don't worry Metallica, I'll never download ANY Metallica MP3 files from Napster, nor will I ever buy anything Metallica. Too bad. "In Justice For All" is a pretty good album. One of the LAST of Metallicas good albums. I'll just have someone tape it for me or I'll go get it used at Joe Bag O Donuts used record store.


Subject: Roxette/Per Gessle

As you're a bit of a fan of Roxette's 'Have a Nice Day' CD, have you heard Per Gessle's solo CD - The World According to...? I'm just curious as my girlfriend is a big Roxette fan and bought this recently.  It's pretty similar (obviously I suppose!) to Have a Nice Day, but a few songs are a bit rockier. Just in case it's one you've missed!

[Thanks for the tip! I certainly have heard (and reviewed some time ago) Per’s excellent solo disc. I still listen to it almost weekly.]

From: TwistedWays

Subject: Winger Snippet?

Read your Winger snippet with interest...who has even HEARD from Kip lately? He did a radio show on a couple months ago and a bunch of us on have an active discussion list going hoping for his new material to be put out sometime soon! More details appreciated....

[Actually Kip has a new album ready for release any day now. According to, it’s more along the lines of his last solo disc than anything Winger the band ever did.]


Subject: Need some album info

Hey ya Kurt or anyone else who knows: I keep seeing a Whitesnake Tribute CD 2000 up for sale mostly on eBay and so forth, with a description saying that among all the guest artists, that there are members of Foreigner contributing to this disc. I have been unable to get credits info of any knid from anyone on this disc and I don't really want to run out and buy this CD especially. But -- I am always digging for info on any Foreigner member activities for my site--so I am wondering--does anyone have credits info on this disc or know what members of Foreigner they are referring to and what specific info they are doing on this disc? (vocals,  guitar, what song,etc.)

I can be emailed at if anyone can help me out with this question. Thanks much…

From: Tim Wadzinski

Subject: Marty's Therion review

These songs on CROWNING OF ATLANTIS are all covers: "Crazy Nights" - Loudness, "Thor (The Power Head)" - Manowar, and "Seawinds" - Accept.


VH-1 Classic has been available on satellite for quite some time (about a year that I know of).

What I really like is the satellite-only MTV-X which is all hard rock all the time, with smatterings of 80's hair-metal here and there. Nice. :-)