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News Bytes:

From Launch: The Federal Trade Commission and Time Warner are expected to come to terms on an antitrust case that could lower the coast of compact discs. When CDs were first introduced to the marketplace in the mid-'80s, consumers were assured that the cost to purchase CDs would eventually decline. The FTC claims that Time Warner, along with four other major record companies, has worked to monopolize the suggested retail price of CDs. The suit rises from the record company's minimum advertised price that allows manufacturers to share the costs the stores incur to promote CDs. On the backside, stores agree not to sell the advertised CD below a certain price. Larger discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Circuit City usually decline the backing of manufacturers to advertise their CDs. Even if the other four companies - EMI, Sony, BMG and Universal - don't agree to a settlement, Time Warner's agreement could force the lower prices.

Here we go again…gossip columnist Jeanette Walls has reported that it’s “definitely true” that David Lee Roth is back with Van Halen on Thursday’s The Radio Chick show on WNEW-FM in New York. She also outted a certain Latin singer that recently worked with Desmond Child who’s name rhymes with “Nicky Parton”.

Here’s the tracklisting for the upcoming Rick Springfield live album due in May: Affair of the Heart, I've Done Everything For You, Alyson, Don't Talk To Strangers, I Get Excited, Love Somebody, April 24/My Father's Chair (recorded live in the studio), Medley, Free, State of the Heart, Human Touch, Jessie's Girl, Love Is Alright Tonight, Living in Oz, Kristina and All Day and All of the Night. Meanwhile, Rick has pulled out of the Rocking In The Hills festival in North Dakota. Festival organizers are badmouthing the rocker who has yet to really comment on the whys or wherefores. Maybe he just doesn’t want to go to North Dakota? I’ve been there and there’s not much of anything there… Also, drummer Jack White has officially left Rick’s band to spend more time with his family. Tour manager Ronnie Grinnel is filling in temporarily.

OK…so what’s up with Bon Jovi apparently ripping off lyrics and melodies from Oasis? Seems the Jersey rockers “Captain Crash” seems to be a little too close to the Gallagher Brothers’ “Stay Young”, even down to the vocal traits. Anyways, I’m hearing that Bobby Bandiera may become a permanent member of Bon Jovi. Bobby played guitar on Jon’s solo album and tour.

The upcoming second volume of “The Lost 45s Of The 70s And 80s” includes songs lost gems from Chilliwack, Stonebolt, Randy Meisner, LeRoux and Rubicon, among other pop artists.

Metallica is suing the creators of Napster (that neat little MP3 trading software). According to Lars Ulrich, "With each project, we go through a grueling creative process to achieve music that we feel is representative of Metallica at that very moment in our lives," said Ulrich. "We take our craft -- whether it be the music, the lyrics, or the photos and artwork -- very seriously, as do most artists. It is therefore sickening to know that our art is being traded like a commodity rather than the art that it is. From a business standpoint, this is about piracy -- a.k.a. taking something that doesn't belong to you; and that is morally and legally wrong. The trading of such information -- whether it's music, videos, photos, or whatever -- is, in effect, trafficking in stolen goods." The lawsuit alleges, "Napster has devised and distributed software whose sole purpose is to permit Napster to profit by abetting and encouraging the pirating of the creative efforts of the world's most admired and successful musical artists. Facilitating that effort are the hypocritical universities and colleges who could easily block this insidious and ongoing thievery scheme. The last link in the chain are the end users of the stolen musical works, students of these universities, and others who exhibit the moral fiber of common looters loading up shopping carts because 'everybody else is doing it."

Meanwhile, there’s talk of a summer festival tour that will feature Metallica along with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Kid Rock, Korn and System Of A Down.

Fastball release their new album in September titled “Through The Harsh Light Of Day”. They debuted one of the new songs, “Funny How Time Fades Away”, at the recent Poptopia Festival in Los Angeles.

Look for a new song from Lit on the upcoming soundtrack to Titan AE. The song is called “Over My Head”.

Joe Lynn Turner is finishing up his latest, due out in June. Helping out are Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Carl Cochran (Ace Frehley’s band) and guitar wizard Akira Kajiama.

Kiss has successfully defended the lawsuit brought against them by ex-guitarist Vinnie Vincent. Refresh my memory, what was this about again?

Anthrax is joining the Motley Crue / Megadeth tour this summer. Back in the 80s, would anyone have thought that those two bands would share the same bill with Da Crue?

VH-1 plans to make a bio pic on the life of Meat Loaf called To Hell And Back Again.

Another week, another boring tribute due out. This one to Twisted Sister.

Billy Squier has dropped out of the Ringo Starr’s Traveling All Stars tour. Joining up though is Eric Carmen, who is replacing Billy Preston.

MTM has retracted the news that Jimmy Lawrence would be working with James Lomenzo and Gregg D’Angelo. Also, Jimmy will not be releasing his next album through MTM.

Tower City hope to have a new album out later this fall that will more closely follow the sound of their debut.

Signal Live” is now available from the Marcie Free website. The first 100 will be personally autographed.

Ted Nugent has pissed off the Hispanic community in an interview for the Houston Chronicle where he stated, “how can you be a benefit to your family, neighborhood or country if you can't speak to your fellow citizens? C'mon, if you can't speak English, get out of America”. Thanks to this, he has been banned from ever playing the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion again. So much for free speech…

Don Henlely has stated that although work had started on a new Eagles album, it has been indefinitely shelved so the members can partake in various solo ventures.

Return has sold 50,000 copies of their “Best Of” in their home country of Norway.

Ex-Tour De Force singer Charlie Cayte has joined Silent Witness.

Queensryche will release their “Best Of” on June 27. Tracks featured are: "Queen Of The Reich”, "The Lady Wore Black”, "Take Hold Of The Flame”, "Warning”, "Walk In The Shadows”, "I Dream In Infrared”, "I Don't Believe In Love”, "Eyes Of A Stranger”, "Silent Lucidity”, "Jet City Woman”, "Empire”, "Bridge”, "I Am I”, "Sign Of The Times”, "Chasing Blue Sky” and "Someone Else?".

A rather fascinating CD/Vinyl trivia website is worth a click as it answers such questions as “what is the longest CD?” and “what was the first CD made?”.

The Who are hitting the road this summer with Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes. The band will be releasing yet another live album from their last tour, “The Blues To The Bush”.

Jimmy Page’s onetime partner, Robert Plant, will be playing shows with his new folk combo Priority Of Brian in the UK.

Club Makeup in LA will feature John Taylor on May 6 performing a night of Duran Duran songs.

I found it pretty cool and refreshing to hear the Backstreet Boys poking fun at themselves last week on Howard Stern, going so far as to admit “we’re the number one homo band”.

Anyone else find it amusing that Dee Snider has thrown his support to Al Gore?

Wonderland is a new band featuring Charlie Calve and Mike Maino (both from Shotgun Symphony) and Russell Acara. The music is said to be more in a modern vein alal Goo Goo Dolls.

EMI Gold has released a new Thunder compilation titled “Gimme Some…”. The tracks: Gimme Some Lovin', Dirty Love, Fired Up, Brown Sugar (Live), Backstreet Symphony, Don't Wait For Me, Love Walked In, Higher Ground (Acoustic), The Moment Of Truth, She's So Fine, Everybody Wants Her, Ball And Chain, An Englishman On Holiday, All The Way From Memphis (Live), I Hear You Knocking (Acoustic Live), Dirty Love (Acoustic).

You can read an interview with Danish rockers Push online by Steen Peiterson. A review of their latest disc is below. The band will be replacing Aces High at the Z 2000 UK.

Z 2000 USA has moved it’s location to the South Jersey Expo Center in Pennsauken, NJ on October 14. Tix are $20.

Tracklisting for the upcoming House Of Shakira album: Pellucid part 1 (intro) / Alien / Wings / In Your Head / Nearly Orgasmic / Black n Blue Skies / Splitted Hairs / Miracle / Rainbow & Butterflies / Time That Passed / Unspoken / I Am / Unforgiven / Pellucid part 2.

 Dates (those with a * ARE confirmed) for the last leg of Def Leppard’s Euphoria” tour:

Jul 21   Mansfield, MA - Tweeder Center

Jul 22   Darien, NY - Darien Lake Amphitheater

Jul 24   Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach Amphitheater

Jul 26 * Harrington, DE - Delaware State Fair - (302) 398-3269

Jul 28 * Ionia, MI - Ionia Free Fair 616-527-1310

Jul 30   Columbus, OH - Polaris Amphitheater

Aug 1    Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center

Aug 2    Cleveland, OH

Aug 5  * Kewaunee, WI - Kewaunee County Fair - 1-800-895-0071

Aug 8    San Antonio, TX - Municiple Auditorium

Aug 9    Dallas, TX - Starlex Amphitheater

Aug 12 * Pittsburgh, PA - Star Lake Amphitheater

Aug 14 * Lewisburg, WV - West Virginia State Fair - 1-877-988-4257

Aug 15 * Indianapolis, IN - Indiana State Fair - (317) 239-5151

Aug 23   LaCrosse, WI

Aug 24   Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota State Fair

Aug 25   St. Louis, MO

Sep 2  * Salem, OR - Oregon State Fair (503) 224-0368

Sep 4    Sacramento, CA - California State Fair

Sep 6    Spokane, WA

Sep 11 * Alberquerque, NM - New Mexico State Fair

Sep 14   Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater

Sep 15 * N. Poplar Hutchinson, KS - Kansas St. Fair - 316-669-3618

Sep 19   Nashville, TN

Sep 26   Richmond, VA

Sep 27   Huntington, WV

Sep 30 * West Springfield, MA - The Big E - (413) 737-2443

Noteworthy New Releases:

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - Black Oak Arkansas (reissue)
THE FLYS - Outta My Way
JOHN LENNON - Imagine (reissue)
TONY LEVIN - Waters of Eden
MOTT THE HOOPLE - Greatest Hits Live
PETE TOWNSHEND - All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (reissue)
UNDER THE SUN - Under The Sun

Radio Koolness:

[The top 5 on the radio this week (courtesy of WPLJ radio).]

1 Smash Mouth - Then The Morning Comes
2 Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go
3 Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon
4 Macy Gray - I Try
5 Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want

Moldy Oldys:

[What’s kicking old school on the SFK Deck O’ Death this week:]
Chris Von Sneidern – Big White Lies (Kyle Vincent fans get this pronto!), Jellyfish – Greatest, Boogie Knights – Welcome To The Jungle Boogie, Radiohead – Best Of (personal mix), ELO – Strange Magic

Kurt’s Picks:

Ben Folds Five – The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner, 550, 1999
[Similarities: Billy Joel, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Todd Rundgren]
Uh, hmm… Every so often you get a hold of a disc that just throws a big question mark above your head. This would be one of them. Not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination, with time it is a very rewarding one though. While there are some songs on here that will appeal to those with pop sensibilities right from the start (like the catchy and hilarious “Army”), most of the eleven tracks here need time to digest much like any of the ELP albums of the 70s. While not prog by any stretch, this is more like thinking man’s pop that makes one feel a little “hipper than thou”. Tracks like the total Rundgren-like pop of “Don’t Change Your Plans”, “Your Redneck Past” (which sounds like a long lost Badfinger outtake) or the rolling and lush “Jane” are great songs that defying categorization (though 70s AM pop rings in my mind). But, I will be the first to admit that this is not for everyone. Anyone longing for chunky riffs will be disappointed as there is barely a guitar to be heard. Ben’s piano dominates the mix, along with some frantic drumming and loads of orchestral strings. Stick with this and you just may wind up loving this as much as I do. Looking for a quick fix? Look elsewhere…

Change Of Heart – Continuum, Escape, 2000
[Similarities: Survivor, Foreigner, Journey]
Originally the first review I wrote pretty much slammed the band for the fact that this is pretty much AOR by the numbers. But you know, funny thing happened… the more I listened, the more I just fell in love with it. Much like their rather spiffy debut, COH play straight up AOR that could easily have been taken right from 1982. While not really sounding dated, songs like “Blinded”, the soaring “You Can’t Hide” (sends chills down my spine every time) and the monster album closer “Mysteries” all feature big choruses, lifting keyboards (that dominate the Chris Ousey and Kenny Loney mix) and just the right amount of guitars to call this “pure AOR” and make most SFKers foam at the mouths. The only real misfire is the ballad “When Love Gets In The Way”. For whatever reason, it just dragged (and a heard it all before feeling that rings truer than the other uptempo numbers). “Take Me For A Ride” also struck me as somewhat sub par, but is soon forgotten by the midtempo rocker that follows, “Hands On My Heart” (with some excellent acoustic flourishes). For fans of the purest of pure AOR, then this is a must have.

Gas Giants – From Beyond The Back Burner, Atomic Pop, 1999
[Similarities: Gin Blossoms, Cheap Trick, Marvelous 3]
Considering that vocalist Robin Wilson was once the singer of Gin Blossoms, I don’t suppose it would be a huge surprise to say that this sounds a whole lot like the classic 90s power pop band. This is brilliant pop rock comprised of thirteen gorgeous melodies wrapped around intelligent lyrics that hooked me from the get go. I mean really, who could go wrong with a song like “I Hope My Kids Like Marilyn Manson” (and you know what? It’s a great song)? What’s even better is “Stinking Up The Charts”, which sounds intentionally like a lot of 80s hard rock (really) and is a fantastic shot at the music industries fascination with the quick one-hit dollar. Those longing for more straight ahead pop rock (ala Gin Blossoms) will love songs like the frantic “Circus Of Stars”, the beautiful radio ready melody of “Quitter” and “Going Down”. Just in time for summer, this will get one hell of a workout this season. [Head over to their website for non-album MP3 downloads...the acoustic version of “Quitter” is awesome.]

Doug Powell – Curiouser, Not Lame, 1998
[Similarities: Jellyfish, Kyle Vincent, Todd Rundgren]
Sometimes the most exciting thing one can experience is hearing great music the first time and having the overwhelming feeling to listen to it again and again. It can feel like the completion of the thrill of a hunt (so to speak). Doug seems to have crawled inside my musical headspace and spit this album out from all the fragments he found within. Traces of 70s AM pop, AOR and even driving hard rock all seem to be some of the stronger elements to influence his music. What makes this all the more amazing is that these are nothing more than 8-track demos performed, written and produced all by Doug himself (with a the exception of Cheap Trick’s Tom Peterson helping out on two tracks as well as Steve Allen and Tod Cooper). His voice sounds a bit like Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish and fits the music perfectly (the harmonies will melt your ears). From the charging “Let It Rock” and “Just Like Montgomery Cliff” to the beautiful classic pop sounds of “Don’t Say” and “Cross My Heart” to the aural ecstasy of “Torn” and “A Man For All Seasons”, this is just so satisfying and fulfilling. If you like such bubblegum fare like the Partridge Family or ELO but feel guilty about liking them (and hide the discs when friends come over), then grab this set, crank it up and wear your pop proud.

Push – On The Run, Z Records, 2000
[Similarities: White Lion, Van Hagar, Firehouse]
OK…White Lion singer was Danish. Push is Danish. And boy do Push sound like White Lion. In fact, had I just stuck this disc in without a label or whatever, I would think this was some missing WL album (but lyrically, I think the songs are a bit stronger). I guess that’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in that there is no doubt these boys know their way around a melody as songs like the massive “Waiting In Line”, “Believe In Love” or the dreamy “Changes” will testify. But the curse is that, to be honest, they just may sound a little too close to other bands for my tastes and in the end very generic. In the band’s defense, I guess they can’t help the fact that Martie Peters sounds EXACTLY like Mike Tramp (but to base their entire sound around White Lion seems a touch laughable). And the songs are rather catchy and bouncy and the whole affair has rather caught my ear on repeated spins (“Jokerman” is a tasty piece of arena rock). These are the kinds of reviews I hate to write…I want to curse the band for their lack of anything original, yet I can’t help but get caught up in how good a lot of these songs are and in the end makes me feel like I’m straddling some sort of jaded fence. I hate myself for liking this one so much.

Thisway – Thisway, Reprise, 1999
[Similarities: Tal Bachman, Jason Falkner, Gin Blossoms]
Totally slipping under everyone’s musical radar Thisway has released an album of mostly catchy and infectious alterna-pop tunes that easily fit into today’s radio climate, yet has mostly sunk without a trace. Though there are some clinkers here, most of the songs are of the upbeat power pop variety and when the band grooves, they REALLY groove. Kicking off with the punchy “Nice” and “She Takes”, the disc goes through it’s ups (the drum driven “Wide-Eye Shining” and the ‘crawl inside your head sing along’ of “Tool”) and downs (the whining “Betty” or the ‘why was it a single?’ “Crawl”) but thankfully doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. It would have been nice to hear the guitars pumped up a little more in the mix and at times has a bogged down feeling anytime the band slows the tempo. Overall though this lies mostly on the good side and while nothing spectacular is worth a spin every now and then.

(Re)Views From The Hill:

Poison: Crack A Smile (Capitol, 2000)
I was very pleased to learn that Capitol, on the heels of the success of the Poison re-union tour last year and the highly rated Behind The Music episode featuring Poison, decided to finally issue this album.  I had a promotional copy of the album, which was intended to be released in April of 1996, and thought it rivaled the best of any of the bands previous albums. 

This album saw the continued absence of famed guitarist C.C. Deville, who has always had a tenuous relationship with the rest of the band, particularly front man Bret Michaels.  In his absence and following a less than stellar pairing with guitarist Richie Kotzen, the band recruited Blues Saraceno and put together a set of distinctive, classic Poison tracks.  From the opening of Best Thing You Ever Had, the album sets out on a path of energized, funky Poison tracks with the occasional foray into power ballad territory with Be The One and Lay Your Body Down (which along with Sexual Thing did appear on the bands previous greatest hits compilation).  My personal favorite is Tragically Unhip, a rocking number which succinctly sums up the music environment which kept this album from seeing the light of day for several years.

Certainly providing bang for your buck the album contains 8 bonus tracks, including outtakes from the Crack A Smile sessions, a rare track dating back to Open Up And Say…Ahh! (Face The Hangman which is an awesome track, takes me right back to the days of cruising the streets with Poison crackling from the car stereo) and the album concludes with several tracks from the bands appearance on MTV Unplugged.  A great release for fans who have long clamored for the release of this album and perhaps a return to the days when rock n’ roll was a rollicking good ol’ time.

Fans can take heart in more music on the way as well.  Material in the work from Bret Michaels include a rerelease of the solo album A Letter From Death Row with bonus tracks, a country demos lp (check in at for details), a rerecording of several Poison tracks on Bret Michaels & Friends, an upcoming live album from the band with new studio tracks and finally a new album entitled Ballads, Blues & Stories from Bret in the pipeline at Sony.  Wow…this guy has always struck me as one of the most tireless guys in the business, but all this with movie projects, fatherhood and another summer tour in the works and ya gotta crown him as one of the hardest working artists in the business. – JG

The Babys: Anthology (Chrysalis, 2000)
Here is a nice little gem to tide us over in the lull between new studio albums from John Waite.  And what a wonderful gem this is.  A lot of reissued cds trumpet that the tracks were remastered, but ‘ve seldom heard such a notable difference in the sound quality from the original cd recordings.  In this case, the difference is incredible and I‘ve done the comparison to know it.  The songs sound like crystal clear, fresh recordings and its hard to believe all the material dates back over 20 years.  Even better, this version features seven bonus tracks from the original (some reports say six bonus tracks, but the original Anthology I have contains only 10 tracks whereas this one features 17 total tracks).

For the uninitiated, The Babys were around from 1975 - 1980 and were lead by John Waite on vocals.  Band members throughout the tenure of the band included Jonathan Cain (Journey, Bad English), Ricky Phillips (Bad English), Michael Corby and Walter Stocker.  The band scored several singles which made their way into the charts, including Isn’t It Time, Every Time I Think Of You, Back On My Feet Again, and Midnight Rendezvous ~ songs included in this compilation and which you’ll hear on classic rock stations today.  The sound is an amalgam of power pop and melodic rock and holds up well over the years.  Having attended several John Waite concerts over the past year I can attest to the lasting appeal of these songs.  Each set has included three or four songs from The Babys era and they are among the most well received in his live set, particularly Back On My Feet Again and Midnight Rendezvous.

Having become a fan of John Waite in the mid-80’s when the smash hit Missing You topped the charts I had only picked up the original Anthology and never tracked down the other albums, so the seven bonus tracks from this era were new to me and are excellent additions.  They include the funky I Love How You Love Me, the excellent ballads Head Above The Waves and Silver Dreams as well as a live version of Looking For Love.  The album ends with the track Gonna Be Somebody, which appropriately forecast the success that would come down the road for several of the band members, including the now legendary John Waite.  This album is highly recommended for all John Waite fans and is a good compilation for those who want to hear the origins of one of the most distinctive voices in rock n’ roll. – JG

Eric Carr: Rockology, Spitfire Records
[similarities: Kiss, Union]
In 1991 hard rock music lost one of its most underrated and talented drummers when Eric Carr died of cancer. This 12 track compilation of his non-Kiss work is a fitting tribute to a great man. He was a member of Kiss for 11 years, after he replaced Peter Criss. For those keeping track Eric was the Fox for 3 years until Kiss ditched the make-up. He played on 8 albums with Kiss and toured the world 7 times.

This compilation has songs that seem to cover all of the different shades of Kiss, from their 70s glam to their pre-makeup, 90s grunge-lite attempts. This should be no surprise because Carr’s fellow Kiss member Bruce Kulick plays guitar on all the songs and sings on 5 tracks. As with the band Kiss, this album is a very mixed bag, ranging from the truly dire to the rather respectable.

That said, this disc if for collectors of Kiss and Carr music only and will have little to offer the average rock fan. Most of the tracks on here are pretty sub-par and only a diehard would want to listen to this often.  "Heavy Metal Baby" and "Mad Dog" are total throwaway rubbish that mar this album with their presence. It would have been better if the album was a little shorter but better laid out. Was it necessary to put the full version and the demo version of "Nightmare" right next to each other?

There are 5 tracks that stand out for me. "Eyes of Love" is a great Kiss type power rocker that really gets the CD going at a great pace. The second track "Somebody’s Waiting" is a great mid-tempo power ballad that bears repeated listens and would be a great addition to a rock compilation. "Just can’t Wait" is a enjoyable guitar and drum instrumental, common to a drummer’s solo album. Probably my favorite track on the album and one that I would seek out, is "Tiara" a nice simple acoustic filled slow ballad. The final track "Nasty Boys" belies is lame trash title and wraps the album up with a great rocker that reminds you of Kiss at its best.

Very much a mixed bag, but a honest tribute to Eric Carr, the man. There is also a video available for those who wish to see more of the drummer in his element. I am in no doubt that his family and Bruce Kulick put their heart and soul into this collection. It just debatable how much musical merit this album has to the hard rock listener. - MD

AOR Basement (Ian McIntosh):

Haven't got a lot to say this week as I've been busy running up and down Scotland this week....

Just been checking out some of the albums coming out in Japan this month. Looks like all the Michael Schenker albums are getting re-released: looks like they're all remastered and all feature bonus tracks as well. Symphony X's back catalogue it also getting re-released as well....  Don Henley's new album - "Inside Job" should be out in the Far East in a matter of days, not sure of what the release date is for the rest of the world, but the Japanese version will not feature any exclusive tracks.... The somewhat over-rated, and barely AOR, Joseph Arthur also has a new one coming out on April 26th called "Come to Where I'm From".

Lana Lane also has a new album due out in Japan on April 19th. Looks like that might be an interesting one as a rather different set of musicians has been used this time around. Most of the album has been recorded in Europe and the guy behind Ayreon has contributed a lot of guitar work. Also brought in is Velocity's David Victor (who actually had a band with Lana many years ago). The Japanese version will have an exclusive bonus track, while the European version (on Limb Music) will have a different bonus track - one that's only been available in Japan before.....


From: Michael Toumanoff

Subject: more tribute discs?
Hey Kurt, I just had to add my voice to yours on this one...

Do we REALLY need any more of this crap from the same old C-list LA-hacks?  Try something original, if there's an original bone left in your bodies!

Who is buying this junk anyway..?

Thank you for letting me vent!

[I SO agree with this…enough already!]


Subject: Tour dates for Foreigner
Hi Kurt! Here are recently posted summer tourdates for Foreigner:

May 5       Atlanta, GA         Midtown Music Festival
May 6       Huntsville, AL          John Hunt Park
May 7       Memphis TN      Beale Street Music Festival
June 9      El Paso, TX         Biggs Park (Army Show)
June 10     Sierra Vista, AZ        Libby Army Airfield (Army Show)
June 15     Burlington, IA      Steamboat Days Festival
June 16     Robbinsonville, MS  Horseshoe Casino
June 18     Springfield, MO     Route 66 Music Festival
June 22     Greeley, CO     Independence Stampede
June 23     Fargo, ND           Red River Valley Fair
June 24     Grand Junction, CO  Country Jam USA
July 7      Las Vegas, NV       Flamingo Hilton
July 8      Las Vegas, NV       Flamingo Hilton
July 21     Sparks, NV          John Ascuaga's Nugget
July 22     Sparks, NV          John Ascuaga's Nugget
July 23     Kelseyville, CA     Konocti Harbor Resort
August 4    Anaheim, CA     Sun Theatre
August 5    Ventura, CA     Ventura County Fair
August 6    San Diego, CA       Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
August 9    Roseburg, OR        Douglas County Fair
August 10   Ridgefield, WA      Clark County Fair
August 11   Kellogg, ID         Silver Mountain Amphitheatre
September 8 Shakopee, MN    Canterbury Park

More tour dates to follow, pending confirmation.

Work continues on the new CD, as the band will be doing studio time in between various summer shows.