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Can someone help me out? I’m looking for a CD, Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods The Best Of” (or similar…stop laughing!)...a CD-R is fine. If you can find something like this, let me know and I’ll open up my trade page to you in the biggest way.

Look for an announcement, hopefully very soon, that SFK will be expanding it’s roster of writers to include a couple of well known and respected scribes of the melodic rock community…and they’re professionals no less, having written for the likes of Kerrang, Frontiers, etc… too cool indeed.

Speaking of, we’ve always been an open forum to discuss melodic rock of all shapes and sizes and if you would like to contribute in any way to this ever-growing publication…drop me a line. Reviews and commentary are ALWAYS welcome.

Just wanna throw out a plug to an excellent website, Foundry Music. Besides being a hard rock related site, it’s also host to the Opie & Anthony Website, who to me, have replaced the almighty Howard Stern as best radio DJ. Even though they are only currently on in NYC, the website has tons of cool shit on offer that you don’t need to be a listener to appreciate (like great video clips and other comedy bits). Highly recommended…

Another site I wanna throw a plug to is NotLame Recording. They have one hell of an incredible pop catalog and have a very cool mailing list as well. Thanks to them, I have discovered a ton of cool bands.

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News Bytes:

Crowded House will release “Afterglow” on May 23. The CD will feature seven previously unreleased tracks (from the “Woodface” sessions) as well as five B-sides. The first 5000 include an eleven-minute interview with Neil Finn.

The war of words between Robbie Williams and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher is heating up. Brother Noel simply called the two “a pair of clowns”. It all started when the brothers called Williams a “that fat dancer from Take That” and that the new Oasis album is “better than anything fatty ever did”. Robbie shot back with the threat of physical violence. Fight club…fight club…fight club.

Frankie Sullivan of Survivor has posted his thoughts on getting back with Jimi Jamison on the band’s website. Says the guitarist, “After meetings, talking and playing together, Jim Jamison and I have once again decided to join forces. We decided we are better together and that the time arrived to put an end to everything else. Many of you may be confused and I can assure you that no one was more surprised than I was. I just sat back and allowed it to happen and things just came my way. I hope that there is a peaceful place for those who may need the time to adjust. I sincerely wish the best to anyone affected negatively by what has transpired. However, this was necessary at this time in my life and I have chose to welcome all of the good with open arms.” Anyone have any info on Dave Bickler? Fight club…fight club…fight club.

A new mailing list to check out dedicated to my favorite radio show, The Lost 45s at Egroups. The tagline: "The Lost 45s ™ Radio Program with Barry Scott features Top 40 charted records from the 60s, 70s and 80s that no longer receive adequate airplay. Can't get enough of ABBA? Does Tony Orlando & Dawn make your blood race? Would the world be a poorer place without Rick Springfield, Barry White or Blondie? Where else can you get your fill of music and conversation with artists like the Bay City Rollers, Culture Club, Cher and the Osmonds? Right here on this list!!!” Guilt free cheese! To subscribe, sent a blank message to:

Of the sixteen new songs recorded for the new Journey album, only twelve will make the final cut.

A new Asia album is due from the duo of Geoff Downes and John Payne.

The Styx / REO Speedwagon tour is shaping up to be one of the surprise hits of the summer. According to Styx manager Charlie Brusco sales as of Friday were strong in Dallas (3500 tix), Denver (3500 tix), Cleveland (4,000 tix), Seattle (3310 tix), Salem (2200 tix) and Chicago (4000 tix).

John Waite will be playing the Voodoo Lounge in Queens, NY on Friday night, April 14. From there he hits the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut on the 15th.

Ten Days Late” is set to be the next single from Third Eye Blind’s Blue”.

You can check out clips from The Jayhawks new album “Smile” at their website. The album is due May 9.

Frontiers will be issuing Fair Warning’s incredible “Go” album as well as their “Live And More” double CD worldwide in May.

Look for the new Kansas album “Somewhere To Elsewhere” on July 11 from Magna Carta. The band will be touring with Yes this summer.

Dave Mustaine is saying that the next Megadeth album will see the band returning to their heavier roots.

Deadline is releasing more unneeded tribute albums to Scorpions, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and AC/DC. All the albums feature various members of what I think is every LA band to ever exist.

Deadline is also releasing Lita Ford's Live- Greatest Hits in May, featuring the following track listing: “Nobody”s Child”, “Larger Than Life”, “What Do You Know About Love”, “Black Widow”, “Holy Man”, “Can”t Catch Me”, “Falling In And Out Of Love”, “Bad Love”, “The Ripper”, “Close My Eyes Forever”, “Shot Of Poison”, “Hungry”, “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Rock Candy”.

The new single from country/AOR act Lonestar will be “What About Now”.

The soundtrack to the wrestling flick Ready To Rumble features Bif Naked covering Twisted Sister'sWe're Not Gonna Take It”, Scott Weiland covering Queen’sWe Will Rock You”, Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa covering Britny Spears' “Baby One More Time” (?!?) and a previously-released track by Motley Crue.

The April 29 Human Rights concert at RFK Stadium in Washington will see none other than Garth Brooks jamming with George Michael on the song “Freedom”.

Splender is hitting the road this summer opening up for Vertical Horizon.

Axe has finished up the basic tracks for the next album, due this summer.

MTM act Friction, with Ricky Phillips, has changed their name to Elements Of Friction.

Matchbox 20 is now officially Matchbox Twenty, just incase the number confused you with all those other bands with Matchbox in their names.

House Of Shakira not only has a new album due on MTM, but be on the lookout for their “Best Of Two” compilation.

Jimmy Lawrence is also finishing up work on a new album. His band now features the one time White Lion rhythm section of Gregg D’Angelo and James Lomenzo.

The ConstruKtion Of Life” is the first King Crimson album since 1995. The prog duo of Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew release the disc on May 8 through Virgin.

June 16 will see Bon Jovi perform on NBC’s Today Show. I must say I like their new single, “It’s My Life”.

The tracklisting for Billy Joel’s upcoming live album, “2000 Years - The Millennium Concert”: "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony”, "Big Shot”, "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)”, "Summer Highland Falls”, "The Ballad Of Billy The Kid”, "Don't Ask Me Why”, "New York State Of Mind”, "I've Loved These Days”, "My Life”, "Allentown”, "Prelude/Angry Young Man”, "Only The Good Die Young”, "I Go To Extremes”, "Goodnight Saigon”, "We Didn't Start The Fire”, "Big Man On Mulberry Street”, "2000 Years”, "Auld Lang Syne”, "River Of Dreams”, "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”, "Dance To The Music”, "Honky Tonk Women”, "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me”, "You May Be Right” and "This Night."

Michael Sweet will be co-producing the next studio album from Savannah.

Peter Frampton will release a new live album on May 15 titled “Live In Detroit” (which I would assume was recorded in Detroit?). He has also written and recorded a few songs with Nancy Wilson for use in the upcoming movie Stillwater.

Noteworthy New Releases:

CHARLIE - The Best of
SAMSON - Shock Tactics and Survivors
TNT - The Big Bang Anthology

Radio Koolness:

[The top 5 on the radio this week (courtesy of WPLJ radio).]

1 Macy Gray - I Try
2 Smash Mouth - Then The Morning Comes
3 Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
4 Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go
5 Faith Hill - Breathe

Moldy Oldys:

[What’s kicking old school on the SFK Deck O’ Death this week:]
Lost In The 70s (a personal two disc set of cheesy one hit wonders and assorted pop classics), Michael Morales – The Demos, Ice Cream Hands – Memory Lane Traffic Jam, Momb – Momb

Caught In The Act:

Tina Turner/Lionel Richie, Madison Square Garden, NY, April 7, 2000
Anyone who thinks that the idea of AOR in a packed arena is a dead concept need look no further than Lionel Richie. Wait, Lionel AOR? Dig into the liner notes of any of his albums and it reads like a who’s who of Westcoast AOR musicians. And musically, I always found him to be much closer to someone like Richard Marx or Journey than any of the “black” music he’s normally associated with. Live he even kicks things up a few notches, with the guitar (played by some kid who looked like a lost Hanson brother) and pompy keyboards very much in the front of the mix and it sounded amazing and refreshing. He is easily one of the best entertainers/frontmen I’ve seen and performed flawlessly. He basically ran through his greatest hits of his solo work and days with the Commodores (including a storming version of “Brick House”). He also threw in a song from his upcoming album and, again, hit the spot just right like something from Toto or Chicago. I’m looking forward to this disc a lot.

Tina Turner, also one hell of an entertainer, always struck me as more straight ahead rock or AOR than soul as well. And her show, was exactly that…a show…a big production that at times was awe inspiring but also a little dry and maybe just a bit too choreographed for my tastes. But when she was romping through such hits like “Better Be Good To Me”, “Private Dancer” or “Simply The Best”, she was just incredible. She lost me though towards the end of her show when she played songs like “Nutbush City Limits” or “Proud Mary”, tunes I could care less to ever hear again.

Overall a fun, if a bit long, night that proves that AOR and rock are still alive and well.

Kurt’s Picks:

101 South – 101 South, MTM, 2000
[Similarities: Harlan Cage, Dakota, Night Ranger]
Any fan of Harlan Cage needs to add this to their collection pronto. Featuring the band’s keyboardist, Roger Scott Craig, along with vocalist Gregory Lynn Hall and guitarist Michael Turner, the trio have cranked out a good album that is traditional AOR in every sense of the phrase. The keyboard driven rock of songs like “We Took The Wrong Road”, the driving “Nowhere To Run” and the building “Your Razor Is Sharp” sound as good as anything kicking around today. And watch out for the immense Foreigner-tinged “Casualty Of Love” and the upbeat album closer “Live For The Moment”, both of which have the makings to be classics. Yet, overall I can’t help but get the feeling I’ve heard this all before. Like HC’s “Forbidden Colours”, this is another collection of good (or even great) songs that add nothing new to the genre yet are decent enough that in the end you probably won’t care in the short town. For fans of melodic rock, who aren’t nearly as jaded as yours truly, you will find this to be delightful and worthy.

Badfinger – BBC In Concert, Fuel, 2000
[Similarities: Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, The Beatles]
I consider the first volume of the best of Badfinger to be one of the true essentials of power pop. But this was almost painful to listen to. Gone are the quick bursts of melody and power chords, only to be replaced by long winded jam sessions that reminded me more of the Grateful Dead or any other late 60s acid rock act. I was simply bored listening to this live concert, where most of the songs are unrecognizable and unlistenable. To exclude their biggest hits, like “No Matter What”, is bad enough. But, do I really need a nearly 10 minute version of “Feelin’ Alright” or two versions of “Suitcase”? Maybe the only saving graces here are the quick pop of “Love Is Easy” and the hit, “Come And Get It” (recorded for Top Of The Pops), which are the only songs that sound like the band I know. Sorry, but this disc flat out sucked.

Ron Flynt And The Bluehearts – Big Blue Heart, Ya Ya, 2000
[Similarities: Tom Petty, Paul Westerberg, Fastball]
Ron was a member of power pop legends 20/20 and this album features some of his ex-bandmates as well classic poppers Dwight Twilley and Bill Lloyd. If you are familiar at all with any of those names, then that should give you a good indication of where the sound is at, though maybe a touch more roots rock. These are eleven songs of the loser that we can all associate with in some way or another. It’s not often I read the lyrics sheet so soon into listening, but these are easily some of the best words in quite a while, they have a biting edge to them that throws across feelings and situations we can all relate to. Though far from the catchy and upfront guitar pop of his past, this is a more mature sound that takes a few spins to appreciate. From the jangly pop of opener “King Of The Deep Blue Sea” to the sorta funky “True Love” to the smooth and bouncy “Picasso”, Ron’s quiet pop shows that you can be powerful and strong without being loud. Not quite an album to fall in love with on first listen, but one of those that you just keep going back to over and over and over. Sometimes it’s just better that way.

Hair Of The Dog – Rise, Spitfire, 2000
[Similarities: Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Kiss]
Whoogah! Full on, balls out, whiskey soaked rock and roll that brings back memories of haunting smoke filled barrooms. Though the opening title track (which hit me like Pantera or Alice In Chains) threw me a bit, from the second track “Five To Nine” on, this is blistering real rock that reeks of classic Van Halen or pre-Appetite” GNR. Though there are some melodic highlights (like the immense “You Are The One” and the acoustic ballad “Rescue Me”), the majority of this CD is raw no frills rock and roll played to perfection by the club seasoned foursome. Vocalist Ryan Cook reminds me of Lemmy in tone but 1000 times better a singer (maybe Paul Shortino?). And, John Sepetys’ axework is reminiscent of Slash, leaving no doubt to the band’s many classic influences.  Songs like “Bum Jenkins” and “Hammered” are if, if nothing else, thoroughly enjoyable raunch fests that also show traces of southern rock. Even more, their cover of Kiss “I” breathes some new life into the 20-some-odd year old song (and followed by a bonus hidden acoustic track). This is very good and gives one hope that, along with bands Buckcherry, people are starting to pay attention once again to the basics.

Norway – Arrival, Frontiers, 2000
[Similarities: Firehouse, Europe, Fair Warning]
To be honest, I remember very little about Norway’s debut from a couple of years back so I’m coming into this with a fresh mind and little to compare it to. Now, Norway have some very good songs musically, but each and every time, the vocals just seem to hit me wrong. Glenn Pierson seems to have one of those voices that you either love or hate (ala Mark Slaughter). Unfortunately for me, it falls mostly on the wrong side. The songs though speak volumes of where this band comes from. Guitar driven hard rock filled with huge keyboard melodies, it’s hard not to get sucked in when songs like “One Night Alone”, the huge “Someday Someway” (not the Marshall Crenshaw song) and “When You Close Your Eyes” are so damned easy on the ears. Though they add nothing new to an already overcrowded genre of also-rans, what Norway do they do very well. The jaded part of me wants to trash this for being unoriginal and cliché ridden, but the melodic part of me wants to heap this disc with praise for being exactly what it proposes to be. Simply put, this is good old-fashioned melodic rock like the way it was some 20 odd years ago, for better and worse.

Superpremium – Lucky, Popsquad, 2000
[Similarities: The Loveless, Lit, Marvelous 3]
This is the kind of CD that reminds me why more and more I keep getting deeper into this sort of pop. Stunning songwriting and soaring vocals highlight this eleven song set that has an early 80s skinny tie pop vibe but is far from sounding dated. In fact, there’s nothing here that wouldn’t sound smashing in this day of rejuvenated radio pop rock. Song after song I was just rocking this way and rolling that way and never at any time was I tuning out. The strength of their melodies piled on with the excellent vocals of Bruce Witken and the perfectly produced guitar sounds of Coz Canler made this a very tasty listen indeed and help set it apart from an ever growing state. With touches of arena rock in “What She Needs” and the power ballad “Best Of Me” to the pure pop bliss in “This Time” and the title track to the even Bon Jovi-like “Her Name”, this is simply straight up good time pop and roll that almost defies easy description. Four months into the year and right now, and this is easily the best listen I’ve had so far and could end the year that way as well.

(Re)Views From The Hill:

DANGER DANGER: The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves (Low Dice Records/MTM, 2000)
By now quite a few melodic rock fans are familiar with Danger Danger. Four The Hard Way was and is a terrific slice of blistering rock and brought to the fore the talents of original band members Bruno Ravel and Steve West, along with relative newcomer Paul Laine on vox. ˜The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves” does 4THW one better. This album is an instant classic ~ kicking in with an energy and vibe which is sustained through the entire album to perfection.

The album opens with the intense, monstrous ˜Grind” which is one of my favorite tracks. A killer tune. This disc catapults the highly esteemed Paul Laine into my top five favorite vocalists.  A couple more albums under his belt and he may take the title outright. The music complements him perfectly. At one point the song subdues slightly, before Steve pounds the skins like thunder, kicking the song back into gear. Simply wonderful, I had to listen three times before I could move on to the rest of the album. 

The hard hitting sound continues with ˜When She’s Good She’s Good (When She’s Bad She’s Better)” which revisits the infamous ˜Cockroach” sessions, but turns this tune on its head, giving it more wallop, which is done equally well on the final track ˜Walk It Like Ya Talk It” which also harks back to the unreleased ˜Cockroach” cd. A brief intro leads into ˜Six Million Dollar Man”, a throbbing, layered, nostalgia filled tune which is done superbly.

The album takes its first moment to catch its breath with the ballad ˜She”s Gone”. One of two tracks to surface a few months ago on the latest MTM sampler cds, I was already acquainted with this wonderful, moody track which again highlights the vocal talents of Paul Laine.

Kicking you in the arse and ringing in your ears the album takes off again with the energetic ˜Dead Drunk & Wasted”, a blistering no holds barred rocker which is another of my personal faves.  The guitar work on this little number and indeed, throughout the album, is stupendous.

The pace shifts a bit with ˜Dead Dog”, which harkens back to the under-appreciated ˜Dawn” album. Building momentum and occasionally shifting the pacing, this is a great modern rocker. ˜I Do” follows it up and is a classic Bon Joviesque cracker of a tune, which has an unrelenting energy to it. I defy you not to twist the volume up a notch belt it out with Paul.

The second downshift of pace comes with the absolutely wonderful Paul Laine tune ˜My Secret”. Some songs capture the essence of a moment, of a mood we can identify with and this song does so wonderfully. Apparently along the vein of what Paul is working on for a side project all I can say, based on this terrific number, is any record companies out there who pass on this guys project better pull their heads out of their collective arses.

Following it up is one of the surprise highlights of the album, Bruno handling vocals on ˜Cherry Cherry”. I didn’t know what to expect with this, but Bruno is excellent with the change in roles. A catchy little anthem rocker which will pull you right in, I for one would eagerly welcome further endeavors with Bruno on vox.

Paul picks up on vocals again with ˜Get In The Ring”, a swaggering rocker which, obvious pun aside, packs a punch. Cool vocal effects, this is classic D2 in full on mode, leading straight into ˜Walk It Like Ya Talk It” which rounds out the album.

A nod to Andy Timmons, Tony Bruno and Lance Quinn all of whom contributed in various capacities to the music on this album. Steve adds a personal touch with extensive liner notes recounting the history of a little club (The Great Gildersleeves) the boys pay tribute to with this album. A rock and roll haven which profoundly impacted Bruno and Steve and set their course in music.

This is a gem of an album, everything that rock and roll should be. It may prove to be the album of the year. The stage is set, everybody else take note! – JG

Supergrass, Island Records
[similarities: Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pulp, The Faces]
What can you get these days for $7.00? Not a movie, or a cassette or CD. Well their is one CD you can get, the brand new Supergrass. In a promotion Island is selling the new Supergrass for $7, plus you get a 45 RPM record and you get to download two unreleased tracks from the Island site (you pick 2 of 5). The later bit has not worked for me yet, but I sent in a complaint and I hope to fix it. Still even without the bonus tracks you got a bargain.

What's more this is a damn good album by one of my fave bands out of the UK in the 90s. Emerging at the same time as the rest of the Britpop seen, I always found this trio to be more likable and less annoying than either Oasis or Blur or even Pulp or Elastica. Their first album, "Coco" did very well in the UK, and the likable 3 some, got themselves quite a following.

This is by far their finest hour with an album of mature songs, that are helped along with the addition of a keyboard player, lead singer Gaz's brother Robert. Many of the songs remind one of an updated Rolling Stones or The Faces. Unlike Oasis who wear their influences on their sleeves, Supergrass have done a better job and molding themselves to sound original.

Every single track on this 12 tracker is a great bit of music, however there are some highlights. The album opens with a nice little reggae tinged number called "Moving" which at times has elements that sound Police like. "Beautiful People" sounds like it came straight of Supertramp's Breakfast in America, and is catchy as all get out. This is one of my fave tracks on the album, and to think I bought this instead of the new Supertramp.

"Mary" on the other hand is very T-Rex like with a great Hammond organ line in the song. At times there are Stone-ish elements as well. The most Rolling Stone/The Faces track is called "Jesus Came from Outta Space" a really funny track that you could imagine being mimed on "Top of the Pops" the band in its full 70s finery. "Born Again" and "Mama & Papa" sound very Beatle-esque circa Sergeant Pepper with that trippy mellow feel to them that takes along for a little ride.

This is a bloody good album and a bloody good buy that should not be missed. These guys should be huge in the US and you would be a fool to miss it. Welcome to American you cheeky sods! The lads are also on a US tour starting later this month. Go to for news and clips of the tracks. - MD

Heavy Metal Record Price Guide By Martin Popoff, Krause Publications
Martin Popoff  is the rock and metalhead critic’s swot. If you have been following this genre as long as I have, 22 years and counting, over 15 as a critic/dj, you think you know and heard it all. Nope, Popoff knows it all. Senior Editor of Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, contributor countless other rock mags, including Hard and author of the in-depth The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal, this guy has the cred to back it up.

With this newest tome, he has painstakingly compiled the ultimate HM/HR price guide. If you ever wanted to know what that promo cassette of Skid Row is worth this is the place to go. Covers from bands obscure and not so obscure appear on each page. I was rather pleased to see one of my old vinyl albums that I sold to the guy, pictured in the book. (For those keeping track it’s the copy of Chelsea’s album featuring Peter Criss.)

While a lot of this book covers the heavier end of the spectrum, there is plenty here for SFK readers, like obscure stuff from Poison to Tesla and Led Zeppelin.  The book covers everything from the 60s to 90s, as completely as you would think possible. Before you even think of flogging your vinyl, get this book, as it might make you a packet.

As if 368 fact filled pages with 11,000 listing and 300 photographs isn’t enough, Popoff has included an 18 track sampler covering a veritable history of Metal Blade Records. Everything from the label is covered, from Warlord’s old school metal to modern day Riot at their progy/power metal best. This disc pushes the limits of CD length and pushes the limits of your stereo.

This is the definitive guide to valuing you record collection, it is a must have for any collector or hard core rock fan. Unlike some rock bands, Popoff proves that settling down and having a family doesn’t mean you have to lose the plot. This is a must buy from www.krause.coom or any major bookstore. - MD

AOR Basement (Ian McIntosh):

Canadian band Mystery have just released a compilation album of remastered tracks called "At the Dawn of a New Millennium". The band started in 1992 but it was 1996 before their first release (the "Theatre of the Mind" mini album) was released. Most recently they released the "Destiny" album in 1998. The band hope that it will also act as a tribute to singer Gary Savoie who has left the band.

But new material is on the way from Mystery as well. A new song will feature of the compilation album "Durp Volume 3" and they're also going to contribute a cover of Pink Floyd's "Hey You" to a Floyd tribute release. Both songs feature new singer Benoit David. The band have also started work on a full new album which should be released this autumn. For more details of all their projects visit

Hot shot Canadian Christian guitarist Slav Simanic has signed a licensing deal with Marquee Records in Japan for the Japanese and Southeast Asian release of his debut CD "Water of Life". The heavily Joe Satriani-influenced released was released by Slav on his own indie label some time ago.... The Marquee deal also covers three further releases in the future. For the Japanese market "Water of Life" will be spruced up with two bonus tracks: "What If, If I could, If Only" which was co-written with Phil Naro who also guests on lead vocals; and "Salvation" which is an instrumental.

Slav will also be the featured guitarist on the "Crushing Days" tribute  to Joe Satriani release from "Progressive Arts Music". He will be  covering "Crushing Day" from the "Surfing With The Alien" CD. That one is due to be released in June. Slav will also be a featured guitarist on upcoming tribute to Carlos  Santana and tribute to Jeff Beck releases from "Progressive Arts Music". More details on Slav are available at


From: Marc

Subject: Thank You!!
Dude, Thanks for the glowing review in your webzine. It really helps to get some positive feedback in a musical climate that has pretty much shunned this genre. I'm sorry I didn't really give you a listing of the musicians before. It was as follows:

Marc Bryant-Vocals, Acoustic/Rhythm Guitars
John McLane-Bass, Hammond B3, Guitar Solo
Chad Wedlake-Drums

Marc Bryant-Vocals, Acoustic/Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keys
Eric Sands-Lead and Slide Guitar
Chad Wedlake-Drums, Vocals

3.Won't Play The Fool
Marc Bryant-Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Chad Wedlake-Drums, Vocals
Eric Sands-Middle and Outro Guitar Solos

Originally, Brad (Gillis) was supposed to do the lead work on "Farewells" but he was too busy with his solo album at the time. Maybe if I can actually get a label to pick me up, he can do his parts then. Anyway, that's the breakdown. Thanks a million, Kurt!!

Marc Bryant
Check out this web site for all my music endeavors:

[Cool! Now where’s my $20 bucks?]

From: "HAMMER"

I have a couple site you might want to link to.  My radio show in Toledo at and now my new 24-hour internet radio station which is a spin off of my show at Keep up the good work.