Column from September 20th, 1999 edition

Criminally underrated Charlie Farren should have another couple of CD releases out in the next couple of the months. His excellent first solo album "Grease Town" is going to finally get released on CD, and the full second Farrenheit album is also now going to finally see the light of day. Seven songs from the 10 track Farrenheit album have already seen the light of day on a very limited promo release, and were excellent, so it should be superb to see the full project get released. Get further details from and you can also download material from Charlie at

Riverside Records will be releasing the long-lost album from Swedish band the Bam Bam Boys on October 11th. Originally recorded back in 1989 the release fell through the net, which was a real shame as it’s one of the better Scandinavian releases from that period with fine melodic rock and AOR featured all the way through. The band included names like: Göran Elmquist (Talk Of The Town/Rat Bat Blue etc) Fredrik Von Gerber (Easy Action/Rat Bat Blue/Jean Beauvoir/Red Fun) Gunnar Hallin (Neon Rose) and Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge/Skintrade) and additional keyboards by Mats Oluasson (Yngwie Malmsteen).

On the Christian front, Jars of Clay’s new album comes out November 23rd. Initial reports suggest it’s "excellent" but I’ve always thought they were one of the most over-rated bands of recent years and are really lacking in quality. Michael W. Smith will also have a new album out well before the end of the year.

Japan still loves to see bands releasing albums at the drop of the hat, and British band Balance of Power have a new called "Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion" coming out October 20th. Hasn’t their second album barely been out for any length of time?

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