Column from September 13th, 1999 edition

Don’t really have that much to say this week, especially seeing as I wrote a much longer that usual column last week! J

Canadian band Big Smile is now about three quarters of the way through recording their second album and is hopeful of having it available before Christmas. 14 songs have been recorded, but only 12 (the ones that work best together) will be on the final release. The band features bass player Chris Brockway that many of you will remember from Wrabit and Lee Aaron’s band. More info on the band at

US progressive band The Light, finally have their own web site. It’s over at so visit it if you fancy. The band are also still working on a new album to follow up "On a New Horizon" which was well received both from different listeners and from different countries.

In Japan, Toto’s "Livefield" live album comes out September 22nd and will feature a bonus interactive CD. Guitar supremo Larry Carlton has a new album coming out there a week later, and Jimi Jamison’s Survivor’s album "Empires" comes out October 20th, which seems to be a little behind the European release.