Column from October 30th, 2000 issue

The Outfield have returned to the UK after completing their summer tour in the US. The band are currently recording new tracks (written during the summer tour) in London to go with other songs recording last winter and spring to make up a new album. While the band had originally hoped to put out a new studio album before the end of 2000, but they now want to wait a little longer and hone the songs down a little. Various labels are looking at the project, but no deal is in place as yet and, as a result, there is no firm release date.

The Outfield remain one of the finest out-and-out AOR bands the UK has ever produced, and another - Strangeways - also now has a new album out called "Gravitational Pull". Don't have too many details on that one yet, though band leader Ian J. Stewart does say this will be the "final" Strangeways release....

New England-based Charlie Farren tells me he is currently working on two new solo albums. The first will be mainly just tracks of Charlie playing acoustic guitar and singing, though some tracks will also include drums and other instruments. It's slated to be called "World Gone Wild". The second is more of a (mostly) acapella format release which will be all cover versions from Charlie's youth! It's likely to be called "VOX".

Steve Morse has been supplying some guitar parts for the up-and-coming new solo album from classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco. The two have previously done a guitar duet for the Windham Hill Christmas CD. No word on a release date as yet, and it is thought there might also be guitar duets with Andy Timmons and Andy Summers on the same album.

Another band on the come back bandwagon, and I'm not sure why, is UK dungeon and dragons mob Demon! Some of your might remember them from their albums in the early 1980s on Carrere and "The Unexpected Guest" did get rave reviews at the time. The reformed band have already signed with Swedish label Record Heaven and will be releasing a new CD - called "Spaced out Monkey" - in March next year. I have no idea how many albums Demon have actually issued, but Record Heaven will be re-releasing them all in remastered form with bonus tracks as well. They're even planned vinyl picture discs!