Column from October 18th issue

Over at the AOR Basement web site ( new reviews are still being prepared (I know it's taking forever!), but for a change in this column I thought I'd offer some short reviews on a few CDs that aren't, for whatever reason, going to be reviewed at the site but might be of interest to some SFK readers.

Fans of early Motley Crue and the better side of Dokken, or even Cry Wolf, might find quite a lot to like in Louisiana band Mad Margritt. Their debut CD on Delinquent Records has a lot going for it and way better production than most other indie CDs in a similar vein. Get further details on the band at and by the look of it the band play out quite a lot, so if you're in the area....

Lost Angel have a CD out which, although it doesn't do much for me, will appeal to fans of heavier melodic rock. To me the sound like how the Canadian band Fist (also known as Myofist) sounded on their last album in the mid-1980s, with similar rough and tough vocals. Not exactly starting, but worth hearing if that sort of material lights your candle. More details at

Forever Gypsy are another heavier band that seem to have some quite good ideas, but don't manage to quite put them together cohesively. The quality of the vocals and the production on their debut CD leaves something to be desired, but with some direction they could develop into something more interesting. They have a home page at They are also now in pre-production for a second album which is intended to be produced by former Ted Nugent bass player Michael Lutz, and what I've heard of new material for that release suggests they are indeed taking a step forward.....

Only having a three song mini album available seems a bit of a limiting factor for Stalking Horse, but while their material seems a little thin, the third song on that release hints at real potential. Could be a project to watch for in the future at

And, finally, if you prefer your rock with a slightly more poppy edge like Cheap Trick mixed with the Rembrandts you might like Open Cage. They seem to have released several albums so far, but I've only heard one. While lacking a little in variety it's still worth giving some attention, visit