Column from May 1st, 2000 edition

Remember I mentioned the new album by Seattle-based Treason a few weeks back? Watch out for it (it's called "Age of Reason") - I've only listened to it once quickly so far but it's pretty impressive. Watch struck me as particularly refreshing is that the band have not followed many of their current contemporaries by progressive getting more and more heavy. Instead, the new one emphasis their more melodic side while still having some nifty dynamics. Surf over to for more details, and a review ill follow at the AOR Basement web site in the next few weeks.

Ex- Cinema Face frontman Frank LaMagna has a new web site at which is worth having a look at. Frank is still shopping about for a few deal for his solo album under the name "Franco" but has demo pressings available at present. It's a slight departure from Cinema Face as it sounds more organic while doing away with the layers of keyboards Cinema Face were synonymous with. It's still very recognisably the name songwriter, however, and well worth a listen.

Ex Touch man Doug Howard's Stun Leer are starting mixing their second album now. Look for it to be out late in the summer on MTM. Initial indications are that it'll follow a fairly different direction from the first album and place lots of emphasis on the guitar work. Should be another interesting release: good as the first Stun Leer album was. I'm not sure if I would have been comfortable with a second one sounding the same. Certainly sounds like they want to expand the boundaries of their sound, and it's genuinely refreshing to hear someone wanting to move forward rather than taking the easy option and resting on their laurels.