Column from July 26th, 1999 issue

Japan is continuing to get some real high quality re-releases over the next month – particularly in the second half of August. Hot on the heels of the Ambrosia re-releases, frontman David Pack’s solo album "Anywhere you Go" is getting re-released. The Japanese did put it out on CD before, but in a limited run that are very hard to get – it’ll be good to have it more widely available again….

Jay Gruska’s "Which one of Us is Me" also gets a maiden CD release on the same day (August 25th). Recorded a couple of years after the classic westcoast Maxus album, Jay’s approach on that solo album was a little more poppy, but it’s just as effective. Joseph Williams and loads of L.A.’s finest session players guest on it.

Also re-released right now are a couple of other excellent westcoast albums: Bill LaBounty- "The Right Direction" and Ned Doheny- "Life after Romance". Not sure which label is responsible for the re-release as I haven’t received copies yet, but the LaBounty album comes with six bonus tracks, and Doheny’s effort with five bonus cuts!

The heavier Wall of Silence and The Works albums are also getting re-released on CD, though I would expect most people to have them already….

Other Japanese releases coming in the next month or so include: Firehouse- "Live in Japan" (August 18th); Harlan Cage- "Forbidden Colours" (August 27th); Heartland- "When Angels Call" (August 25th); Wayne Smart- "Live and Learn" (August 25th); Steve Stevens- "Flamenco A Go Go" (September 1st); and slightly further ahead Rik Emmett- "Raw Quartet" (September 29th).