Little round up of news this week, rather than ranting and raving about the state of the world...

8084 are continuing their heavy studio schedule for their up-and-coming new album which is now, tentatively, titled "Souls". The album is set to include 11 or 13 new songs all written and recorded over the last two years. Titles include, "The Last Great Train", "Without You", "Do you Ever Feel the Rain", "Catch my Breath", "Seven more Days" and "Sometimes". A summer 2001 release is anticipated and different distribution options for both the US and overseas are currently being looked into. 8084 are also going to have a line-up change. One of the original members, bass player/Vocalist Frank Barnes will be leaving in early March to pursue his teaching career. He'll be replaced by Roy Brown who has appeared in various bands as a lead vocalist. Further details on the band's plans can be found at .

Joshua is making a comeback. The hot guitarist who's been releasing albums since the early 1980s is in the final stages of mixing and a release is expected this spring. The album was produced by the well respected, and well traveled, Keith Olsen and the band also brought ex-Santana singer Alex Ligertwood in to help on some of the lead vocals. Ligertwood has also in the past appeared with The Dregs/Dixie Dregs and on Steve Morse's "Stand Up" solo album. The sound of the new album is likened to a mix of Journey and Humble Pie - should be interesting! More details at the band web site at . The label releasing the new album is M & K sound who can be found at .

I've also just received some details on a Jason Becker tribute album under the title "Warmth in the Wilderness" as a mark of respect to his battle with disease. The album will feature interpretations of his work in both the David Lee Roth band and Cacophony as well as solo material and will be performed by friends and musicians who have been touched and influenced by Jason's music. The album is so far set to feature Marty Friedman, Anders Johansson, Stormwind, Carina Alfie, Phantom Blue, Torben Enevoldsen, Phi Ansari Yaan-Zek, Rolf Munkes, Alex Masi, Lars Eric Mattsson, Kelly Keeling, Mark Boals, Sultan Of Swing, Patrick Rondat, Stuart Smith, Jesse Bradman, James Byrd, Tommy Denander, Chris Sterberl, Terry Syerk, Dave Martone, Jeff Scheetz, Slav Simanic, Mike Campese, Symphony X, Neil Zaza, Stephen Ross, Goran Edman, Tony Franklin, Paul Shortino, Freak Kitchen and Lance King with other players to be announced. Lion Music of Finland is the driving force behind the project. Email them at or Nika Music is also involved ( ) Web site addresses are and .