Column from August 14th, 2000 issue

I’d like to clear up one point from my comments last week about the whole melodic rock scene requiring a “landmark” album release: I did not mean a release on one of the specialist labels. I meant that we need at least a song in the right style (or preferably a whole album) on a major label that highlights what melodic rock can be, piques the general audience and gets a whole load of fresh blood interested and investigating the genre more.

Think back to something like Cher’s version of the song “I Found Someone”. There’s a song originally demoed by Mark Mangold’s Touch and Cher’s version was produced by Michael Bolton (before he carried a handbag and sold washing-up liquid to bored housewives!), that was “real AOR” and could almost be all things to all men! Something like that must have opened the ears to a whole swathe of new listeners that hadn’t experienced melodic rock along those lines before

We need something like that somewhere in the mainstream that becomes a standard-bearer, even just for a short time. Some of you might say “well Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi still make the charts, isn’t that enough?” Well no, not really. Those are acts which already have a large captive audience that are going to buy their releases no matter what. They do not seem to actively go out there and winning over new audiences, and their profile really isn’t that high. Also, taking both of those as examples, they seem to spend most of their time trying to look trendy (what does Bryan Adams look like these days?) and are ready to adapt their established sounds just to fit in, rather than standing up for what they are and where they came from….

So, something has to penetrate the shell of the bigger picture and make at least some of the general public aware of what melodic rock is. Otherwise its just going to be a cottage industry serving the same little market of insular listeners too easily happy in some form of musical vacuum.

Oh, and why I remember, to the chap that loves Danger Danger interviews and was attempting to slag me off, please try and spell my name right!