Column from April 10th, 2000 issue

Canadian band Mystery have just released a compilation album of remastered tracks called "At the Dawn of a New Millennium". The band started in 1992 but it was 1996 before their first release (the "Theatre of the Mind" mini album) was released. Most recently they released the "Destiny" album in 1998. The band hope that it will also act as a tribute to singer Gary Savoie who has left the band.

But new material is on the way from Mystery as well. A new song will feature of the compilation album "Durp Volume 3" and they're also going to contribute a cover of Pink Floyd's "Hey You" to a Floyd tribute release. Both songs feature new singer Benoit David. The band have also started work on a full new album which should be released this autumn. For more details of all their projects visit

Hot shot Canadian Christian guitarist Slav Simanic has signed a licensing deal with Marquee Records in Japan for the Japanese and Southeast Asian release of his debut CD "Water of Life". The heavily Joe Satriani-influenced released was released by Slav on his own indie label some time ago.... The Marquee deal also covers three further releases in the future. For the Japanese market "Water of Life" will be spruced up with two bonus tracks: "What If, If I could, If Only" which was co-written with Phil Naro who also guests on lead vocals; and "Salvation" which is an instrumental.

Slav will also be the featured guitarist on the "Crushing Days" tribute to Joe Satriani release from "Progressive Arts Music". He will be covering "Crushing Day" from the "Surfing With The Alien" CD. That one is due to be released in June. Slav will also be a featured guitarist on upcoming tribute to Carlos Santana and tribute to Jeff Beck releases from "Progressive Arts Music". More details on Slav are available at