Column from March 29th, 1999

The Japanese end of Sony certainly seems to know a thing or two about re-issues. Hot on the heels of the Morningstar albums, the 21st of April will see another three tasty items re-released on CD for the first time. They are Harlequin- "Love Crimes", Bighorn- Same, and also Network- "Nightwork".

A lot of you will remember Harlequin well, one of Canada’s finest late 1970s and early 1980s melodic rock/AOR acts. "Love Crimes" was their best album, the only other release by them on CD is a "Greatest Hits" package which is worth getting as well. Bighorn from 1978 is sort-of Led Zeppelin like, but is one of those albums whose stock has risen over the years, sounds a lot better now than it did 10 years ago! Network, meantime, did two albums for CBS, the first was totally forgettable but the follow-up – "Nightwork" the one being re-released – was very interesting, it’s also worth considering that Network stayed together under that name for some years afterwards and had Terry Brock (prior to him joining Strangeways) as their vocalist for a bit. Once Terry left, they changed their name to Aviator and released one excellent album for RCA (now re-issued on CD by Kurt’s best buddies at Escape!).

Think Donnie Iris’ "No Muss, No Fuss" is now available through Mark Avsec’s Primary Music label. One of the best Donnie releases, and should go nicely with the "Live at Nick’s Fat City" album Primary already put out.

Colie Brice’s (from Phantom’s Opera) second solo CD, "The Chameleon" will be out on Song Haus very soon on May 4th. If you stop by Colie’s web site at you can download an MP3 file of one track from the forthcoming album called "Only Love is Real".

Really can’t make my mind up about the new Toto album "Mind Fields". Songs seem OK, but the mix and production is so dark and dingy sounding…, anyone else having a similar reaction? Need to spend some more time with it…

Over at the there is some odds and sods of new bits uploaded, but it will be next weekend before some new reviews get uploaded though. However, the good news is that the extra time off the Easter weekend will bring should give me the time to get a bumper load of new ones done!