Column from June 28th, 1999 issue

Interesting new Japanese re-issues continue to surface at the moment with great regularity. Cool Sound is supposed to have a re-issue of much traveled westcoast keyboard player Greg Mathieson’s "Baked Potato Super Live!" coming on August 5th. Can’t say I’ve actually heard this rare release myself, but it’s a rare and very collectible westcoast fusion release that many have raved about in the past. All seven tracks were recorded live at the aforementioned Baked Potato club. Further showing its westcoast pedigree, Jay Graydon co-produced and engineered it, while heavyweight players like Steve Lukather and Jeff Porcaro are featured.

Former Farrenheit front-man Charlie Farren has his new solo album "Deja Blue… the Colour of Love" coming out right now. The Farrenheit song "Impossible World" is reworked on the new release which features 12 songs altogether, including one ("Nobody’s Somebody") which was recorded live at the Hard Rock Café in Boston. Surf by WWW.CHARLIE-FARREN.COM for more details…, Charlie’s also playing some dates in and around the Boston area next month.

One time Storm drummer Ron Wikso seems to have been pretty busy of late. Along with REO Speedwagon guitarist Dave Amato he’s produced the CD for a group called Majic Ship. It’s supposed to be a collection of "catchy, melodic songs with a lot of harmonies" and while some a re ‘60s influenced, others are a bit more straight ahead rock, though overall it covers a number of bases. Guest appearances include Cher (!), Mick Taylor and Nicky Hopkins (from the Rolling Stones!) Bruce Hall and Neal Doughty from REO Speedwagon, Brett Tuggle of Dave Lee Roth and Rick Springfield fame, and loads of others. The name of the CD is the "Songwaves Project" and it’s being pressed right now.

Wikso and Ricky Phillips are also about to start laying down tracks for the new Firefly album and Wikso has recorded all the drum tracks for the new Harlan Cage release on MTM as well as touring with Player and Richie Sambora. Although he played on Fergie Fredriksen’s solo album, Wikso is also involved with another Fergie-led band which also includes Randy Meissner from the Eagles and Denny Lane from the Moody Blues! Sounds like a very busy boy indeed!