Column from June 21st, 1999 issue

Just a short column today from me this issue as I’m in the process of heading off on a few days vacation….

Has anyone seen the June 5th issue of Billboard? I’m told there was a 50 page spread in it proclaiming the return of Heavy Metal to the "top of the charts"! I presume that were miss-using the Heavy Metal tag and they meant Heavy Rock in general? Either way, maybe it is a final definite sign that the music business is waking up, and gearing up to bring quality rock back to the fore….

There must still be plenty of people that still love great music: the latest set of re-releases I’ve seen coming up there makes for interesting reading. The 28th of July with see a couple of Ambrosia albums re-issued, their self-titled debut which hasn’t been on CD before, and also "Life Beyond LA" which has been re-issued before but been out of print for a year or two.

Also new to CD in Japan with the same release date will be Jack Wagner’s two excellent albums "All I Need" and "Lighting up the Night". Wagner did produce two later solo albums though it was the first two, now being re-issued, and were close collaborations with people like Clif Magnes and Glen Ballard (later to form Planet 3 with Jay Graydon). Great albums that bring back fond memories. "All I need" is more guitar-orientated, while "Lighting up the Night" places more emphasis on keyboards.