Column from July 20th, 1998

Fans of Sojourn will be excited to hear that as well as currently recording for an all new album, a further CD release is on the way called "The Lost Years" with lots of interesting recordings from different points in their history… Song Haus Records (which is run by Sojourn and Spencer/Bullock bass player Dane Spencer) also has a double album coming from Dave Mendenhall which sounds an interesting project with a good bit of variety too…

Norwegian band Hush (recently reviewed at the AOR Basement web site) have moved their home page to and it’s well worth a visit sometime. Despite being a bit hackneyed in their approach, the band pull off a pretty good selection of hard AOR tracks on their debut – "If you Smile" – that’ll pleasantly surprise many….

Long-time AOR Basement faves, and Hirsh Garnder produced, 8084 now also have a web site at re-releases of their albums on CD are due very soon. Talking of Hirsh brings me to his band New England, and I have to highly recommend their recent three CD releases, especially the "1978" unreleased recording of the band in their embryonic state – a little rawness here and there really enhances some of the classic tracks and it’s a fascinating release. More details at .

New stuff at the AOR Basement site ( has been severely limited by me not being in the country – but a whole host of new reviews should appear by the end of this week – all being well….