Column from August 17th, 1998

Just reviewed the CD I mentioned before from Rokbox at the AOR Basement web site ( – anyone that hankers for a slice of heavily Journey influenced melodic rock will love it to death. And to the top it all, the band are just about to go back into the studio to start work on their second release. It could hit the streets early in the new year and should be very cool too. More info on Rokbox is available at their label site at

Another band going back in the studio right now is Dakota in preparation for an all new album – though no details of a release date is available as yet. Also looking likely is a Dakota live album with material from throughout the band’s career.

Couple of other things I’d like to mention this issue. First is the westcoast music mailing list run by Jean-Luc Raymond, it’s worth giving some support to and if you jump to you’ll find all the details. The second is an excellent guitar fusion newsletter called "Guitarapalooza" just set up by guitarist Jaye Foucher. It’s a very interesting read indeed and the current issue features lots of stuff on Jennifer Batten, Alex Skolnick, Neil Zaza, Joe Bochar, Jaye herself, and lots more – surf in to for the full scam.