Column from 18th January, 1999

Think I’m actually quite tired of the whole E****e thing – especially seeing as they think it’s done them some good by generating more interest in their product! What is clear is that no label should think it can get away with acting like some primitive Orwellian thought police, and K****l’s mud-throwing after the fact only serves to hurt all the European-based labels. Combine that will all the talk of shading dealings and bands getting ripped-off and you have a whole load of reputations (albeit some of them were only hanging on by a thread anyway) going down the tube….

Onto more positive things, Song Haus records has done a deal to release Colie Brice’s second solo album and also to re-release the first Phantom’s Opera album (which Colie sang on) with some bonus tracks. Colie’s new one is due to be released in May while the Phantom’s Opera re-release will precede it in March. Also coming on the same label in May will be a US version of the Sojourn compilation Point Music put out in Germany, though there were also be some exclusive bonus tracks on it also, and the all new Sojourn album is tentatively scheduled for July.

Ronnie Montrose has a new live album coming out any day which is supposed to be seriously good – go to his web site at for more details….

Former Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett also has a new solo album coming out in March which will be called "Raw Quartet". Again, it’ll be in a jazzy format but raw, very live and with a real "jamming" feel. More details at http://www.rikemmett .

Fans of Lana Lane should note that all her CDs can now be ordered on-line from Think Tank Media via realtime secure credit card processing. Which is very timely as her new "Ballads Collection" album has just come out and is well worth a listen – jump to for full details.

It’s been a week or so since new reviews were uploaded to the AOR Basement site ( but more will follow shortly….