Column from October 12th, 1998

Gotta be a little short and sweet this week! I’m sure it’ll be mentioned elsewhere in this issue, but David Victor (the driving force behind Velocity) will be re-releasing his solo album – "Proof through the Night" – in Japan in January. It’s an excellent album of Night Ranger stuff material with a more commercial slant, and will be beefed up from the re-release with a new mix and some parts re-recorded. More details from the Velocity web site at .

Toto-ites might also be interested to know that I hear that a full solo album from one-time front man Jean-Michael Byron is on the way. I can’t reveal any more details at this stage, but it’s all new material and nothing to do with the so-so mini-album he released through FM-Revolver in the late 1980s….

Been a little behind on my listening over the last couple of weeks, but those of you who’ve been patiently checking the AOR Basement web site ( have finally been rewarded with some new reviews. Latest stuff uploaded there are reviews of New England’s "1978", Stephen Christian- "Self Titled", the Bad Boy "Best Of" compilation, and Dave Mendenhall’s "The Lost Years".