Column from July 12th, 1999 issue

If the weekend was for double the length of time then I might have had time for all the things I had to do in the last two days. The end result of it all is the following, rather truncated, column…..

First off, there is finally a new review uploaded at the AOR Basement web site, but only one! Others are in progress, but I’m going to keep uploading them one by one for the moment as it’s been long between updates…

Anyway, the latest review is of the new album from The Promise ("Human Fire") which has already been reviewed by others in this very publication. Some pretty good stuff on it as well, though in places the production and mix don’t support the music as much as they should. Also on The Promise front, they’re playing at The Forum in Aberdeen (our mutual home town) on Friday July 23rd, so if any Scots based AOR fans fancy an evening out, take a short journey North and I’ll see you there!

Normal service, with a longer column, should be resumed next week….