Column from May 10th, 1999

I still can’t believe some of the bands that are reappearing after years of absolutely no activity. Almost as surprising as Bluebeard planning a new project, Stonebolt will have a new album released in the next couple of months. This will be the first Stonebolt material released on CD and will be a "Best of" but with three new tracks added as well. Hopefully it’ll be mainly made up of tracks from their two really good albums "New Set of Changes" and "Juvenile American Princess", the other two albums were a bit week. "New Set of Changes" also had a, slightly weird, totally pomp version of the Beatles’ "Please Please Me" on it…. The new CD will be released on the band’s own indie label Vortex Records.

Also on the comeback trail is Italian melodic rock outfit Elektradrive. A brand new CD is expected to be released in very early 2000. Initially I couldn’t exactly say that was the sort of news to grab my attention, but what is very interesting is that when the recording sessions commence in September, legendary guitar hero Ronnie Montrose will be flying over to fill the producer’s chair! If that wasn’t enough, the band will also record two old Montrose tracks, an unreleased song from Ronnie’s superb band Gamma, and another from the Montrose pen especially written for the Italian band. The release is tentatively titled "Scheme" and while a label has not been formally decided, it appears the Italian Electromantic Records is most likely.

I’ve been heading some excellent reports regarding the up-and-coming, new Eddie Money album which seems him renewing his acquaintance with Monty Byrom (currently jingling his spurs in country rock band Big House). In keeping with the new of older bands in this column, Eddie’s also covered the track "Satisfy Me" from Byrom’s early band Billy Satellite (which also featured Danny Chauncey from 38 Special), which is a fine slice of rock in anyone’s book. Should mark a welcome return to form for Eddie Money as I feel his last, live album had a bit of has-been cabaret feel to it!