Column from November 9th, 1998

Already in 1998 old pomp rock fans have been able to rejoice the re-issue of both Trillion albums on CD in Japan. But a whole heap more are to follow this month. In two weeks time, both Morningstar albums will be re-issued on CD (for the first time) in Japan – should be more than cool! Band leader Rick Bachus is still in the industry and runs a studio in Kansas, but has no plans to get the band back together or anything like that.

Before the end of November, all four Starcastle albums will be issued on CD in Japan too! Some of them have been on CD before, but think it was just the first one…. Discussions regarding a possible European re-issue of all four are understood being held (possibly with a French label), and the all new Starcastle album and another of unreleased rarities are also now at an advanced stage….

On a more AOR note, Cool Sounds (the same label behind the Joseph Williams, Rick Riso and Chris Christian re-issues) in Japan will be putting out Whiteheart’s "Hot Line" on CD for the first time in December. One of the best Whiteheart albums, it was recorded right after Dann Huff had left the band, but they didn’t seem to be suffering without him – title track is prime melodic rocking AOR…..

Swedish westcoasters Promotion will have their second album out in early December. Title will be "Yeah Yeah" and it will feature twelve new tracks. Their confusing titled first album – "Not for Sale" – was a good effort, so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve developed….

While I remember, the AOR Basement web site now has its own domain name. To get to it you should now use the URL, (webmasters please also update any appropriate links) and my new e-mail address is There’s also been some significant changes to the site. There’s an all new news page at where my columns for this fine publication are drawn together, along with some other interesting bits and pieces I’ve written for other outlets recently – check it out and give me your feedback…. Also from the news page you can see the latest version of the whole SFK newsletter. I’m nearing completion of some new reviews for the AOR Basement site and they should be uploaded in just a few days….