Column from July 5th, 1999 issue

Guess the world didn’t end on July 4th as the prophets planned! Anyhow, Dakota is finishing up mixes on what will make up the North American and European version of their new album. It’ll be called "Little Victories" and final mastering is due to tack place during the week commencing July 12th. The band have also re-recorded the older song "Mr Lucky" and will be mixing it the same time as the mastering takes place. It’ll be the bonus track for the Japanese version of the new album…. Further information is available from the Dakota home page at and the band also have their own mailing list through with the title "AOR-Dakota".

Still really finding a lot to like in the new Eddie Money album…., great "proper" AOR harking right back to his heyday. One thing that does interest me about is the dichotomy of former Billy Satellite and New Frontier front-man Monty Byrom. The new version Eddie’s done of the Billy Satellite chestnut "Satisfy Me" is really good, and somewhat more ballsy than the original. What strikes me as weird though is the way the Byrom is helping Eddie to rip out such a rocky track while he’s still fronting the country rock band Big House. Guess that’s what you have to do to keep the wolf from the door!

Another album I’m really hooked on it’s the Bighorn re-issue from Japan. I’d totally forgotten what a great album that was and what refined musical influences they had. Too often in the past I’ve heard them branded as "similar to Led Zeppelin", not a bit of it! Maybe a couple of the most rocky tracks have a similar edge to them, but in the main it’s an interesting concoction of the first Trillion album mixed with equal parts of Kansas and Aviary (yes they had a violin player too!). Well worth checking out….

Over at the AOR Basement site the links page has had lots added to it, and the long-awaited new reviews should be up later this week – I won’t go as far as to guarantee it, but as long as nothing gets in the way over the next couple of days they should be there….