Column from August 3rd, 1998

Lana Lane must be getting really big in Japan – soon she’ll have issued as many albums there as Mr. Big. Just out is a "Live in Japan" album, and next month her first album – "Love is an Illusion" – will also be released there, as well as being remixed and remastered, new bonus tracks will be included and some new musical passages and solos have also been added to the older tracks. The re-issue will also follow in Europe slightly later. "Garden of the Moon" is also now available in Europe through Angular Records (web site at and Angular will also release "Live In Japan" and "Curious Goods" for the first time in Europe later this year. For more info check out at the main Lana site at

Hot on the heels of the news that my favourite westcoast album ever is be re-released in Japan during September (Maxus with Jay Gruska and Michael Landau), the well regarded Greg Guidry has just completed recording of his new album with Tim Jackson producing. Called "Soul’d Out", a deal is now being shopped for….

I need to correct something from my last column, due to some confusion (originally on my part!). The Dave Mendenhall album that’s coming on Song Haus Records is called "The Lost Years". It’s now going to be a single CD with 14 songs clocking in at around the 65 minute mark. The old, unreleased Sojourn material I was talking about is not definitely going to be releases, the band are still mulling what to do with it…. Song Haus will also be announcing another new signing very shortly which will make many of you sit up and take notice – watch out for more official news there imminently…

Finally got some new reviews uploaded at the AOR Basement web site ( Visit to soon to read reviews of the excellent, Journey-influenced debut of Rokbox, the new one from Takara, and the demo from Scots rockers Cry Havoc….