Column from March 1st, 1999

I’m not going to ramble on about the state of our music market or problems with "the big picture" this week, instead I’ve got some juicy news for you instead.

John Keane has signed with Utah-based Song Haus Records to give his recent solo album "Straight Away" a full US release. Release date is April 27th. Song Haus also now has its own imprint label – Rewind Records – which is specifically for re-releases. The first outing on the label will be the re-issue of the first Phantom’s Opera album (which is due March 23rd), and there a load of other mouth-watering rarities to follow on CD for the first time thereafter and think it’s OK to mention that they’ll include both Kick Axe and the first Stan Bush album. More details as I can give them to you…

Reliable sources tell me that long time slumbering AOR great Jimmy Harnen should finally issue his second solo album later this year. From what I can tell it will be called "All about Time" and will be produced by Cliff Downs and the rightfully respected, and former band mate of Bill Clinton, Randy Goodrum

In Japan, Bad Company’s box set is due out March 25th while the same day will also see a "Best of" compilation from Joe Lynn Turner’s original band Fandango – as long as they draw heavily on the "Cadillac" album that one should be good. Survivor’s re-mastered "Caught in the Game" will precede them on March 17th, and Restless’ "Alone in the Dark" has just come out with three bonus tracks – no details on the quality of the bonus tracks yet.

New reviews were just uploaded to the AOR Basement web site ( this past weekend. So jump in past there to read new reviews of Under Fire and Tandym, and also Receiver Set an excellent project put together by Eric Johnson associate Billy Maddox.